The Sacred Meaning Of Tattoos

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The Sacred Meaning Of Tattoos
The Sacred Meaning Of Tattoos

Video: The Sacred Meaning Of Tattoos

Video: The Sacred Meaning Of Tattoos
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A tattoo is not just a beautiful design on the body, inspired by fashion trends. This is an image that has a sacred meaning and can change a person's life both for the better and for the worse.

The sacred meaning of tattoos
The sacred meaning of tattoos

Why is a tattoo capable of changing fate?

The influence of a tattoo on fate largely depends on the meaning that the owner himself puts into a particular image. The drawing on the body, which contains the information laid down by the wearer, at the energetic level performs the function of a charmed amulet.

But not everyone who wants to get a tattoo is motivated by such an intention. Many people just want to decorate their body with a tattoo. Someone wants to surprise a loved one by drawing a drawing on intimate places. And it doesn't matter whether a person wants to change something in his life or not, the picture that appears on his body begins to change his fate. Even a small mole on a human body carries some kind of information. And the image, moreover, has a powerful energy message. Therefore, the choice of a tattoo should be deliberate.

Choosing one of the fashionable images, think about what exactly you want to change in yourself and your life. Then the tattoo will become for you not only an ornament, but also an assistant in accomplishing your plans.

The meaning of the most popular tattoos

Wing tattoos are popular among both men and women. It stands for freedom, protection and leadership. These can be angel wings, symbolizing faith and love.

Many girls want to get a butterfly tattoo. The interpretation of the meaning of a butterfly is multifaceted. It can mean femininity and sophistication on the one hand, and frivolity on the other. Christianity views the butterfly as a creature capable of being reborn and symbolizing life, death and resurrection. Once you've settled on this image, decide what it means to you.

Some flower tattoos are also very popular. For example, lotus means perfection, purity, innocence, calmness. Jasmine carries information of loyalty, love, femininity and purity. Rose is the embodiment of energy and courage. Depending on the color, it means passion and love, tenderness and grace, purity and strength of thoughts.

Many people like the image of a cat as the embodiment of grace and grace. The Slavs believed that the cat is the protector of comfort in the house and protection from all evil spirits. A cat tattoo can be a good talisman against adversity.

Someone prefers star tattoos. And it is not in vain, because the image of a star has the meaning of infinity, energy and a mood for great achievements.

Does the color of the tattoo matter?

There is an assumption that the color of the tattoo also affects the life of its wearer. Some colors, according to the Scandinavian magical hex signs, have a sacred meaning. So, white means purity, innocence, joy, the ability to resist evil. Black has the opposite meaning and symbolizes death, lust, black magic. The colors green and blue are associated with abundance, fertility, spiritual strength, luck, love. Red is the color of wisdom. Contradictory meanings are yellow. On the one hand, it is a symbol of illness, betrayal and despair, on the other, it is holiness and the sun.

These colors can change their values depending on the image they are based on. Therefore, if you want to get a color tattoo, you will have to choose long and carefully.