The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Anastasia

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The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Anastasia
The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Anastasia

Video: The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Anastasia

Video: The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Anastasia
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The name of a person can give an idea of the fate of its bearer. Each name has its own origin. It carries its own secret. However, one name can have several meanings and interpretations.

The meaning and mystery of the name Anastasia
The meaning and mystery of the name Anastasia

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The heroines of Russian fairy tales are often called Nastenki. A girl with this name, by definition, should be the most beautiful, intelligent, kind and gentle. Nastenka is loved in kindergarten and at school, at the university and at work. Anastasia will never become angry and vindictive, on the contrary, she is defenseless in front of cunning ill-wishers who can deceive and offend her.

Nastenka grows up dreamy with a well-developed imagination. As a child, a girl with this name has a poor appetite, which upsets her relatives. Anastasia is a sublime nature, earthly problems and affairs are alien to her, so she does not bother herself with housekeeping. And if he decides to clean the house or cook dinner, then only according to his mood.

Anastasia can make a good actress, psychologist or kindergarten teacher. The bearers of this name have a fine mental organization, they can have the gift of foresight due to good intuition.

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The name Anastasia comes from the Greek male name Anastas, which means "resurrection", "return to life." The patroness of this name is the Siamese cat. A girl with that name is the very embodiment of grace and charm. Her feelings are changeable - in an instant, she can fall into a deep depression from unrestrained fun.

Anastasia is capable of prophecy, as she has a subtle mental attitude and unmistakable intuition. The bearer of this name has an analytical mindset. With her conclusions, she is able to confuse the most sophisticated thinkers.

At the same time, Anastasia is lazy. She will not do anything if she does not need it. The bearer of this name is cold towards others. She is focused only on herself, she can give a little attention to her relatives, all other people are indifferent to her.

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By nature, Anastasia is an introvert. She is immersed in her inner world. Outwardly, the bearer of this name may look self-confident, however, this impression is deceiving. By temperament, Anastasia is choleric. She is not able to sit still, has a quick reaction, is easily excitable.

Anastasia is not capable of decisive action in ordinary life, but if she wants something, she will go over her head. A girl with this name is cruel and vindictive. She tends to play with other people's feelings, skillfully manipulating others.

Anastasia's house can be full of friends, whom she often changes, without regret interrupting communication with those who are not interesting to her. Nastya easily makes new acquaintances, thanks to her natural charm.