Celebrity Weddings

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Celebrity Weddings
Celebrity Weddings

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Video: Celebrity Weddings
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There is no consensus among celebrities about what a wedding should be like. Some throw a feast for the whole world, happily posing for the press, and some get married secretly, inviting only the closest friends to the celebration. The outfits of the bride and groom are also striking in their diversity and originality.

Star weddings can be lavish or modest
Star weddings can be lavish or modest


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Mexican actress, director and producer, star of films such as "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Frida", "Bandidas" married an influential French businessman François-Henri Pinault in one of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice. The old mansion received many guests of the couple, where the wedding masquerade ball was held, and one of the entertainment of the celebration was gondola riding along the narrow canals of Venice.

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A memorable event was the wedding of rock musician Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills. An old castle in Ireland was chosen as the place for the wedding. The celebration was held in Indian style, and guests were treated to vegetarian dishes. Former US President Bill Clinton was spotted among the guests.

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The American queen of rock and roll Tina Turner, having lived for more than 20 years in a civil marriage with German producer Erwin Bach, being at a venerable age, decided to register her relationship. The newlyweds and 120 other guests, including Eros Ramazzotti, Oprah Winfrey and David Bowie, celebrated the event at a villa on the shores of Lake Geneva. The ceremony and celebration were hidden from prying eyes, but it is known that both the guests and the bride and groom were dressed exclusively in white clothes.

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Star golfer Tiger Woods and his soulmate, former model Elin Nordegren, also decided to fly away from the annoying paparazzi. A luxury hotel with a world-class golf course on the island of Barbados, security guards ensured that no one could stop the couple from sharing their happiness with guests.

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Unlike the previous couple, the shocking rock singer Avril Lavigne and the lead singer of the rock band Nickelback Chad Kruger willingly posed in front of the cameras. The groom was dressed in a black tailcoat, and the bride in a black floor-length dress. The celebration took place on the French Riviera.

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The wedding ceremony of Hollywood actress Keira Knightley and keyboardist of The Klaxons, James Ryton, turned out to be not at all "star". The couple exchanged rings and vows of eternal love in the south of France. The groom was dressed in a classic blue suit and a white shirt with a tie, while the bride was wearing a short, off-shoulder pinkish dress, a white jacket and ballerinas. Few of the guests also preferred comfortable jeans and shirts to holiday outfits.

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Among Russian stars, the wedding of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan became original and unexpected. They invited about thirty closest friends to the film premiere, and 10 minutes after the start of the film, the bride and groom in wedding dresses appeared before them. A warm atmosphere reigned at the celebration, despite the fact that common wedding traditions were not followed.