How To Protect The Soil

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How To Protect The Soil
How To Protect The Soil

Video: How To Protect The Soil

Video: How To Protect The Soil
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Fertile soil is depleted by years of use. Farm owners and large state-owned farms must adhere to certain rules that are designed to conserve land. There are several ways to preserve the fertile soil layer, only by combining them, you can achieve a good result.

How to protect the soil
How to protect the soil


Step 1

The urgent need to conserve the soil is not spoken of as often and loudly as the preservation of water and mineral resources. People do not think about this problem, because they constantly see the earth in front of them, which does not disappear and does not disappear.

Step 2

To conserve soil, forests and other clusters of trees need to be conserved. The roots of plants hold the layers of the earth, connect them, do not let them collapse. Trees with strong root systems prevent soil erosion. A dense vegetation cover prevents the wind from destroying the top fertile layer of the earth.

Step 3

Terracing the landscape is a good way to preserve the soil. The hilly cultivated area is leveled so that the water flowing down from the hills does not wash out the top layer of the earth.

Step 4

Agriculture must intelligently allocate fields for crops. The structure of the soil is destroyed by the annual cultivation of land. Fertilizers and fertilizers do not give excellent results. Arable land must rest, stand "without work" in natural conditions.

Step 5

Another way to protect the soil is by plowing with a certain incline method, which slows down the water flow and prevents it from washing away the soil. This also allows moisture to penetrate the soil faster.

Step 6

Abundant, but correct watering also preserves the earth, prevents it from turning into dust. In this case, erosion will not affect the soil, and the earth will not be carried away by the wind.

Step 7

It is necessary to protect the organisms and microorganisms living in the earth. Worms and other animals that form humus make holes in the soil. The enzymes formed as a result of the vital activity of these creatures are necessary for the depleted earth.

Step 8

Planting crops should be rotated. There are native plants that are common in this climate, they regenerate the soil. They must be planted after the "non-native" ones, which are just pulling nutrients from the ground.