How To Store Bear Fat

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How To Store Bear Fat
How To Store Bear Fat

Video: How To Store Bear Fat

Video: How To Store Bear Fat
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The healing properties of bear fat were known many centuries ago and were widely used in folk medicine by the inhabitants of Tibet, the Far East, Buryatia, many Asian countries and North America. On its basis, unique potions were prepared that were able to cure even the most serious ailments.

How to store bear fat
How to store bear fat

Bear fat looks like white porridge with an unobtrusive and rather pleasant aroma. At room temperature, it melts easily, turning into an almost transparent mass. It contains the maximum amount of substances useful for the human body, which easily penetrate into its cells, restore their structure and DNA repair mechanisms.

How and what is bear fat used for?

There is ample evidence for the health benefits of bear fat. Even our distant ancestors used it to treat serious respiratory diseases, used it as a strengthening agent, got rid of skin diseases and purulent wounds, the consequences of frostbite and burns, severe injuries, various problems with the joints and muscles of the musculoskeletal system.

Studies of modern medical specialists prove the effectiveness of bear fat in the prevention and treatment of certain types of oncology, in solving serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in recovering the body after serious illnesses and injuries, in increasing the general tone, physical, emotional and mental, and even in cosmetology.

Bear fat is used both externally, for rubbing, massage, in the form of compresses, and internally, as part of drinks with honey, raspberry jam and milk, or in pure form with black bread in small quantities. For skin rejuvenation, activation of hair growth and their strengthening, cosmetics are used in the form of creams, gels, masks and serums containing bear fat.

How to properly store bear fat and preparations containing it

But the unique properties of this substance are preserved only if it is properly stored in its pure form and in the products that contain its components.

You can store pure bear fat for as long as you like, but only on condition that the ambient temperature does not exceed + 5 ° C and direct sunlight will not fall on it. In the case of a concentrate of bear fat, the shelf life is no more than 2 years.

Cosmetic and medicinal products containing this medicinal substance must be stored in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and no longer than its shelf life.

Real bear fat can be found only from hunters or healers-healers who practice in small villages near the residence of this beast. It is not recommended to buy the product in the markets or in questionable outlets, and it can be simply dangerous to use it.

Contraindications to the use of bear fat

Despite the huge number of useful properties, bear fat also has contraindications for use. It is not recommended to ingest bear fat for children under 3 years old, pregnant women and those who have problems with the biliary tract.

In addition, bear fat is used only in complex treatment and only after consultation with a medical specialist.