How To Help With The Evil Eye

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How To Help With The Evil Eye
How To Help With The Evil Eye

Video: How To Help With The Evil Eye

Video: How To Help With The Evil Eye
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If you notice the first symptoms of the evil eye in yourself or your loved ones, you urgently need to take the necessary measures to eliminate the negative impact. It is quite possible to cope with the evil eye on your own if you use some useful tips.

How to help with the evil eye
How to help with the evil eye

Evil eye

Some people, without knowing it, have great destructive power. They usually stand out for their strange appearance and secret in the eyes. It is worth being wary of people with twitching eyes and an evil squint. People with deep-set or bulging eyes can also negatively impact your health.

Revealing the evil eye

First you need to decide on the symptoms. In the presence of medical conditions, medication is sufficient. With the evil eye, taking pills is useless. The evil eye, as opposed to damage, can be arbitrary. For some people, it is enough to look with a negative attitude at the achievements of others and failures are guaranteed.

To make sure that the assumptions are correct, it is enough to run the wedding ring over your cheek. If a dark streak appears from the ring on the cheek, then there is an evil eye. You can read a prayer with a burning candle, and if the fire turns black, the person is under the influence of the "evil eye".

Self-medication and primary care for the evil eye

There is a fairly effective way to get rid of negative influences. You need to fill the jar with cold water and read the prayer "Our Father" over it three times. Then you should say three times: "Like water from a glass, so from me the evil eye-thinness." Next, blow on the water with a cross and wash your face with your right hand three times clockwise. Drink three sips of water from the jar and pour the rest onto the mirror. You cannot wipe yourself off after this procedure; you need to sit quietly and dry off.

To help yourself with the evil eye, you can use one more piece of advice. Add three heads of garlic and a large piece of white bread crumb to a saucepan, pour two liters of wine and cook over low heat. It is important that not a single drop escapes from the pan. When exactly half of the mass remains in the saucepan, you need to drain the liquid onto the ground. The remaining puree must be cooled and put on your chest.

Evil eye protection

In order to prevent the evil eye, you can hang a collection of bay leaves, rue, onion, garlic, St. John's wort, dandelion and thistle over the door. Such a bouquet does not allow negative energy to enter the house.

Salt also has a special protective effect against the evil eye. You need to sprinkle it on the bewitched person and animals.

A simple pin, fixed with the head down in the area of the heart, will save you from the evil eye. You can wear a horseshoe-shaped talisman around your neck, which will help to overcome the negative impact.

The stone amulet also helps ward off the evil eye. You can hang black agate with white splashes, topaz or jasper around your neck.

When communicating with a person who has the "evil eye", you can cross your arms or legs. This position of your body will provide you with primary protection from the evil eye.