How To Fix A Thermos

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How To Fix A Thermos
How To Fix A Thermos

Thermos, no matter how good it is, sooner or later ceases to keep warm. This happens due to the depressurization of the space under the flask, in which there was initially a vacuum or rarefied air. You can experiment and try to fix the thermos, but there is no guarantee that this event will be crowned with success.

How to fix a thermos
How to fix a thermos


  • - thermos;
  • - isolon;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - rubber.


Step 1

Remove the glass flask from the household thermos. Carefully inspect it from all sides, if there are chips and damage, then this product cannot be repaired, and for your own safety, discard the thermos.

Step 2

If the glass bulb is intact, wrap it with insulon and secure it with strong thread or tape. Insert the flask into the body, replace the rubber band, tighten the ring. An updated thermos will be able to keep warm for a couple of hours.

Step 3

In a thermos with a metal flask, inspect the external parts. Perhaps it is the sealing gum on the bottom of the cork. Try replacing it by cutting a ring out of a piece of rubber and placing it on the cork. Alternatively, replace the lid with a cork lid that you can get from an old thermos or find at a hardware store.

Step 4

In the process of incorrect operation of the thermos, microcracks are formed in the metal flask, through which the vessel is depressurized. In this case, it is possible to repair the thermos with the help of polyurethane foam. Detach the bottom of the case, fill the empty space with foam and collect the thermos.

Step 5

If you find a place of damage to the flask, then contact the specialists in refrigeration equipment, you will not be able to repair the thermos on your own without special devices. Thermal insulation will be restored using a vacuum pump. The leak is sealed using stainless steel welding.

Step 6

If the body is damaged as a result of the impact, then it is possible to repair the thermos with the help of liquefied gas. Contact a car service, where you will delicately remove all dents, and at the same time polish the damage.

Step 7

You can independently restore the thermos body using tools. Detach the flask from the body. Tap the dents on the inside with a hammer, it will be enough so that the body and the bulb do not touch. Connect the parts of the thermos.