Where To Complain About Transport

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Where To Complain About Transport
Where To Complain About Transport

Video: Where To Complain About Transport

Video: Where To Complain About Transport
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Rude treatment of passengers is not the only problem with public transport. Sometimes you have to travel in such buses / minibuses, which would have been high time to be scrapped. For the sake of your own safety, you can and should complain about careless carriers.

Where to complain about transport
Where to complain about transport


Step 1

To begin with, the carrier can simply threaten to contact the "appropriate authorities". This is just one of many ways to solve the problem, although sometimes it is enough.

Step 2

If the verbal threats did not have any effect, you can call, but it is better to write a complaint to the transport company that carries out passenger transportation along the route. Carrier information is usually displayed above the bus door, driver's seat, or above the windows. Remember the license plate and park number of the bus. The latter is usually indicated on the starboard front side.

Step 3

Another way is more effective - contacting the city's transport department. Complaints from anonymous authors are not considered there, so you will need to give your last name, as well as your address, phone number and passport details. In addition, you will need information about the exact location of the incident, if it took place (at least roughly - between which stops, for example), the route number, the direction of its movement. In case of rough treatment of passengers, describe in detail how the driver behaved. If the case was scandalous, the driver should be deprived of the bonus or even fired.

Step 4

It is better to direct complaints about the condition of the vehicle directly to the Department of Transportation in your city. It is almost pointless to complain to the carrier about his own transport, because entrepreneurs solve their financial problems by using worn-out equipment. If you do not have strong evidence (for example, a video showing how poorly the bus is working), the complaint will be ignored.

Step 5

You can file a complaint about transport at the reception of one of the members of your constituency. If your complaint comes at the time of the election or shortly before it, the chances of its satisfaction will increase significantly.

Step 6

You can complain about the poor condition of suburban buses to the administration of the bus station or to the traffic police of the district. You can apply there both openly and anonymously.