Where To Complain About Construction

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Where To Complain About Construction
Where To Complain About Construction

Video: Where To Complain About Construction

Video: Where To Complain About Construction
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Noise in a city, especially a large one, is already something familiar. However, if they are constantly sawing and knocking right under your windows, interfering with normal sleep, you can find control over these builders. The main thing is to know where to complain about the construction.

Where to complain about construction
Where to complain about construction


Step 1

If you are prevented from sleeping at night by their construction / repairs, they make noise even on weekends, and early in the morning, know that you have legal grounds to complain, because the production of construction, repair and handling at night is prohibited.

Step 2

According to the "Code of the City of Moscow on Administrative Offenses", Art. 3.13, builders who perform their work between 23:00 and 7:00 run the risk of receiving a warning or an administrative fine. Moreover, if ordinary citizens interfere with your sleep, they will pay 1-2 thousand rubles, officials - 4-8 thousand, legal entities - 40-80 thousand. In other cities, this is about the same.

Step 3

You can complain to several authorities, for example, to the police station and the district council. In addition, you can complain to the Mosecomonitoring State Administration (for residents of Moscow). Specialists will arrive at the construction site and, at the expense of the city budget, will measure the noise level at the construction site. If the permissible rate is exceeded, the builders will be punished.

Step 4

It is even better to complain collectively, contacting all instances where they can help - the prosecutor's office, the mayor's office, Rospotrebnadzor. If you are not helped anywhere, go to court, having previously collected evidence. For example, you can film a night shooting from your window, plus attach the readings of the noise measurement, which was carried out by specialists at your request. The court will be obliged to protect your rights, and if necessary, suspend the activities of the construction company for up to 90 days (Article 3.12 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 5

During this time, the police, government or other authorities will check whether the persons in charge of the construction have the appropriate permission to carry out night work. If there is no permit, the construction will be stopped immediately, and the organization conducting the construction will receive instructions or pay a fine.

Step 6

Although it happens that the representatives of the company boldly show the tenants a permit for a night construction, being sure that nothing can get through them, measurements of the noise background will help you here. Contact the appropriate organization and let the experts do their job. According to sanitary standards, the maximum permissible noise level in the premises of residential and public buildings, as well as on the territory of residential buildings in the daytime (from 7 to 23) should not exceed 55 dBA (equivalent to the sound of a typewriter), and at night (from 23 to 7) - 45 dBA (equivalent to normal conversation). In case of violation of these norms, the responsible persons will also incur administrative punishment.