Where To Complain About The Hospital

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Where To Complain About The Hospital
Where To Complain About The Hospital

Video: Where To Complain About The Hospital

Video: Where To Complain About The Hospital
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Patients often complain about the state of Russian hospitals and the quality of treatment. There are plenty of reasons for this: overcrowded wards, lack of repairs, shortage of medical staff, dirt in the clinic, attempts to take money from the patient for something that should be provided free of charge - the list goes on for quite a long time. At the same time, people are sometimes afraid to complain, fearing that, apart from unnecessary troubles, nothing will come of it.

Where to complain about the hospital
Where to complain about the hospital


Step 1

Regardless of what exactly caused your dissatisfaction in the work of the medical institution, start going through the instances with the hospital administration. The complaint is written in free form. Usually in documents of this kind in the upper right corner it is indicated to whom and from whom the complaint is filed, as well as contact information. In the main part of the document, state the reasons that led you to contact the management, the nature of the incident, the time, place, name of the doctor or nurse you are complaining about. Whether it is handwritten or computer typed, include the date the complaint was filed and sign.

Step 2

If the complaint was not caused by specific actions of the staff, but, for example, dirt in the wards and corridors, violation of the ventilation regime and cleaning schedule, dirty dishes in the hospital canteen and other violations of sanitary standards, contact the sanitary and epidemiological supervision authority. Specialists of this organization, at your signal, are obliged to check compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regime. Having discovered violations, they will issue an order to correct the shortcomings.

Step 3

All public hospitals must display prominently a list of services that are provided to patients free of charge. These services are financed by insurance funds. Despite this, it happens that services from this list are provided to patients for a fee. In this situation, file a complaint with the compulsory health insurance fund. You will find its name and coordinates on your insurance policy. The complaint is also written in free form, indicating the data of the medical institution and the applicant. The same should be done if you have a voluntary insurance policy, but the medical institution has violated the conditions for the provision of medical care specified in this document.

Step 4

Contact an insurance medical organization also in the event that, due to improper treatment, your health has been damaged or for this reason you have lost a loved one. In any case, the insurance company is obliged to schedule a check and find out whether the cause of the tragedy was really the wrong treatment.

Step 5

You can also complain about the hospital to the health department, if the clinic is subordinate to the Ministry of Health, or to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, if the violations occurred in a medical institution subordinate to this organization. In the latter case, some nuances are possible, since some branches are financed from the municipal or regional budgets. That is, in a number of cases, you can still complain to the city health department about a medical institution subordinated to the FMBA.

Step 6

Contacting Roszdravnadzor may be very effective. You can submit a complaint either by regular mail or by e-mail. The message should be short and succinct. If you already have responses from the hospital or health department, they can be scanned and attached to your letter.

Step 7

The prosecutor's office is called upon to protect your rights, including the right to health protection. Contact a secretary who will not only explain you how to write a complaint, but also show you samples of different documents. On your complaint, the prosecutor's office must conduct an investigation. If necessary, she can also initiate a judicial procedure. You can go to court yourself, but for this it is better to enlist the support of a lawyer specializing in health issues.