How To Find A Parcel From Germany

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How To Find A Parcel From Germany
How To Find A Parcel From Germany

Video: How To Find A Parcel From Germany

Video: How To Find A Parcel From Germany
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All parcels are sent from Germany by the state postal service. Each of the shipment must be assigned an identification number (tracking code), with which you can track the location of any shipped cargo. Despite the fact that the work of the postal services is constantly being improved, it cannot be said with certainty that it is perfect. From time to time, situations arise when you have to not only closely monitor the movement of the parcel, but also look for it.

How to find a parcel from Germany
How to find a parcel from Germany


  • - a copy of the receipt of the dispatch of the parcel;
  • - identification number of the item;
  • - the passport;
  • - the Internet;
  • - the form of the statement about the loss of international mail;
  • - Postal office.


Step 1

By calling or e-mail, ask the sender of the parcel for the exact date and the individual tracking code assigned to the shipped cargo. Ask to send a scanned version of the postal receipt with clearly readable information on it to your e-mail, which will allow you to get reliable data on the location of the parcel and find it in the future.

Step 2

Having received the tracking code, pay attention to its content. It consists of twelve digits in a row without spaces. Start monitoring the movement of the cargo after two or three days from the moment it was sent.

Step 3

In order to get clear information about a parcel that went outside Germany, it is necessary to convert the existing twelve-digit code into an international one, which will take on different meanings. It will consist of four letters and nine numbers, where the first two combinations of letters can be different, and the last will always remain unchanged and have the value DE.

Step 4

Use the official website for tracking and controlling the movement of goods in Germany (DHL) In the window on the left, enter the twelve-digit number on the receipt. Then click on the search button located in the lower right corner.

Step 5

Pay attention to the right column of the first row. If the parcel leaves Germany, an international thirteen-digit tracking code will appear. If, instead of a number, a sentence appears, consisting of several words, the meaning of which can be found out by contacting any online translator for help, then the parcel has not yet arrived in the country of destination. In this case, you should wait a few days and make your request again.

Step 6

When you receive the tracking code, please rewrite it. In a week, go to the official website of the Russian Post, the dispatch service. Enter the thirteen-digit number and click the "Find" button. In the window that opens, detailed information will appear with the date and time, as well as the names of the points through which the parcel passed.

Step 7

In the event that the expected shipment is found to be missing, i.e. leaving one destination and not arriving at another for a long period of time, contact any post office. Take with you your passport, a clear copy of the postal receipt and a pre-filled application, a sample of which can be downloaded from the official website of the Russian Post or taken from the post office itself. Check with the postal officer the terms of consideration of the application and take a coupon confirming the fact of its submission.

Step 8

Periodically find out information about the stage at which the application is being considered and what measures are being taken to find the parcel. If you find it and receive a postal notification, pick up the found item within ten days.