How To Make A Stuffed Pike

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How To Make A Stuffed Pike
How To Make A Stuffed Pike

Video: How To Make A Stuffed Pike

Video: How To Make A Stuffed Pike
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What an avid angler has probably accumulated his own fishing tales about "this kind of fish". If you have a really large specimen in your hands, you can leave the memory of a successful catch for a long time. A stuffed pike head with an open mouth, hung on the wall next to other memorabilia, looks spectacular.

How to make a stuffed pike
How to make a stuffed pike


  • - Large pike;
  • - Scalpel and knife;
  • - Tweezers;
  • - Water;
  • - Salt;
  • - Toothbrush;
  • - Sponge;
  • - Gauze;
  • - Plywood sheet;
  • - Pins;
  • - Wooden sticks and plug;
  • - Paper for stuffing;
  • - Artificial eyes (organic glass, beads, buttons, etc.);
  • - Nitrolac;
  • - Wooden stand and decor optional;
  • - Screw or glue.


Step 1

Cut off the fish head at a distance of about 2 cm behind the gill covers. To make a stuffed pike, you need to carefully scrape all the meat out of the head. It is convenient to operate with a scalpel. Be sure to scrape the gills and remove the fish's eyes with tweezers. Your task is to leave the skin intact.

Step 2

Prepare an aqueous solution of salt, taking both in equal parts. Submerge the pike head in the salty liquid so that it is completely recessed. The future stuffed pike will be salted for about a week to a crescent (depending on the size of the fish) in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Step 3

Rinse salt off the mummified pike head as thoroughly as possible in cold running water. Use a toothbrush to remove any mucus that builds up between the fish teeth so you don't get hurt.

Step 4

Make wooden sticks-spacers and carefully place them in the pike's mouth so that it opens “threateningly”. You will only remove them after eight days. Hammer in the stuffed pike with the pieces of paper, giving it the desired shape. It is also good to insert a wooden plug at the back for better fixation of the souvenir. Place the head on a sheet of plywood and straighten the fins on both sides, securing them with pins.

Step 5

Dry the stuffed pike in the sun for at least 10 days with the top of the mouth, covering it with gauze. When salt begins to protrude on the surface of the head, remove it with a wet sponge. Rinse and dry the fishing souvenir until the salt deposits are completely removed.

Step 6

Make the eyes for the mummified pike head. Plexiglas circles with black paint “pupils” look natural. You can also use stuffed toy beads or eyes.

Step 7

Finally, set the pike mummy on a nice wooden stand and cover it with nitro varnish in several layers. At the same time, it is convenient to work with a sponge. If a plug is installed, the fish head can be secured to the stand with a screw and hung on the wall; you can also stick the souvenir with glue. Decorate the pedestal to your liking: straw, pebbles, shells, rolled fishing line, spinners, and other suitable materials.