How To Grow Lemon On A Windowsill

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How To Grow Lemon On A Windowsill
How To Grow Lemon On A Windowsill

Video: How To Grow Lemon On A Windowsill

Video: How To Grow Lemon On A Windowsill
Video: How to grow lemons on window sill in winter 2023, September

Lemon belongs to perennial plants, it can be grown in greenhouses, on the windowsill. The tree requires some care, it is not recommended to move it, water it often. Bears fruit annually, does not tolerate cold and drafts.

How to grow lemon on a windowsill
How to grow lemon on a windowsill


Step 1

First, decide in which part of the room you will grow lemon. The sunny side is ideal. There should be no vents on the window. The room must maintain a certain level of humidity, if necessary, buy a humidifier.

Step 2

Get a pot, preferably 22 cm in diameter. In greenhouses, trees can live for many years. For such plants, a nutrient soil that is homogeneous in structure is suitable. It is ideal to pick up a mixture of leaf and turf soil, rotted manure and sand in equal proportions. Keep in mind that acidic soils are not suitable for growing citrus fruits.

Step 3

Water the lemon according to the season. In winter, this should be done less often than in summer, it is enough 1-2 times a week with filtered water. You cannot fill the plant. The water temperature should be 2-3 degrees higher than the room temperature. Watering carefully, lack of moisture can also lead to death. Get a spray bottle to spray the leaves with water 3-4 times a week.

Step 4

Feed the plant 1-2 times a month from March to September. Use poultry or cow dung previously diluted with water. Insist on fertilizers for three days, you can buy mineral fertilizers. In this case, water the tree first, then feed.

Step 5

In March, cut off old shoots and shorten the young and strong ones. Thus, you will achieve more fruits.

Step 6

In the first spring, buy a pot 2 cm wider than the previous one in diameter and start replanting a tree. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 years. Choose the following soil composition: 1 part of leafy soil, 2 parts of turf, 1 part of humus, sand. You can replace humus with peat. Place turf, coarse sand, or broken shards at the bottom of the pot.

Step 7

Graft the plant as needed to help it grow better. Lemon grown from seed can be grafted when the trunk thickness reaches 8-10 mm in diameter. Inoculate with an eye-bud or cuttings taken from already fruiting plants.

Step 8

During the flowering period of lemon, keep the temperature in the room no more than 16 degrees Celsius, otherwise the flowers will crumble, remove old leaves as ovaries appear. One plant should have no more than 10-12 leaves. Lemon grown from seed begins to bear fruit only at 12-15 years of age.

Step 9

Sometimes a sticky discharge appears on the leaves, in which case you need to spray the plant with kerosene mixed with soap (40 g of soap per 1 liter of water and 5 drops of kerosene). Or grease the leaves with onion gruel, so you get rid of the pest that feeds on lemon juice.

Step 10

Lemon leaves can damage spider mites, in this case, you need to purchase a special product from the store or apply a daily solution of grated garlic and onions (1 tsp per glass of water) or agave juice (150g leaves per liter of water). Repeat spraying three times, with an interval of 10 days. Cracks may also appear on the barrel, from which fluid flows out. In this case, cut out the damaged bark, treat with hydrogen peroxide, then cover this place with clay.