What To Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen

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What To Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen
What To Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen

Video: What To Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen

Video: What To Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen
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With a statement that the wallet has been stolen, Russian police departments are contacted many times during the day. Most often - on weekends and holidays, when the attention of the owners of wallets and bags is dulled. But what needs to be done when a loss is discovered, not all victims know and understand.

Stealing a wallet from a bag is a simple matter for a professional thief
Stealing a wallet from a bag is a simple matter for a professional thief

Steal is a matter of three seconds

Many ordinary people, having lost their money, for some reason believe that they have become an annoying exception to the rule and will continue to be smarter and more circumspect. Alas, the loss of a wallet with the help of someone else's dexterous hands is a bomb that does not so rarely fall into one funnel. After all, a skilled thief is able to commit such a crime in any crowded place and in a matter of seconds.

According to police statistics, most often, wallets disappear in supermarkets - during pre-holiday discounts and sales, in transport. You also need to be on your guard when visiting an ATM.

It was a beautiful wallet

Having become a victim, it is best not to shed tears, but to ring all the bells. More precisely - immediately call the nearest police department and report the loss, be sure to demand that the thief be brought to criminal responsibility. Or headlong rush again to the department and personally report the incident to the person on duty.

It is better to submit an application in writing. Try not to limit yourself to emotions, but describe all possible details. The police, even if they don’t find anything later, will still be interested in: where exactly you were standing or sitting at the time of the theft, with whom and what you were doing, in what condition you were, whom you suspect, whether you are able to identify the criminals or at least help to compile their identikits by memorable signs.

Information about the contents and even the color of the wallet or bag is also important. As well as the exact amount stolen, including the cost of the wallet itself.

By the way, before the statements were written in free form. But over time, the police have developed special templates, which they fill out according to your words and carry them to their home department. And already there, the officer on duty assigns the KUSP number to the application and sends it to the investigator.

Your bit card

If, in addition to cash, there was also a card in the wallet, then urgently call the bank or the Hotline, report the loss and ask to block it. Do this even if a piece of paper with pin-code numbers was in your wallet. It is far from the fact that the offender, especially at night, will immediately notice her.

If your wallet was so capacious that not only your card, but also your passport was missing, it is not enough to report the loss to the police. You should also advertise in the newspaper that you are asking to consider this document invalid.

Force majeure abroad

Wallets can be stolen not only in Russia. And if this happened in Antalya or Hurghada, and you are left without a wallet with the latest euros and documents, you should immediately go to the local police station.

There, you also need to write an application (preferably in local or English). And do not forget to take a copy of the document certified by the police chief.

And already from the police you have a direct road to your native Russian consulate. Of course, they will not give you money, but they will certainly help you with an ersatz passport and returning home.