How To Set The Exact Time On Your Watch

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How To Set The Exact Time On Your Watch
How To Set The Exact Time On Your Watch

Video: How To Set The Exact Time On Your Watch

Video: How To Set The Exact Time On Your Watch
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Convenient when the clock is set to the nearest second. And many of them provide for this possibility. The way in which this operation is carried out depends on whether the watch is mechanical, quartz or digital.

How to set the exact time on your watch
How to set the exact time on your watch


Step 1

First of all, get yourself a reference source of time information. To do this, with any browser that supports JavaScript, go to the following site:

Step 2

Do not pay attention to the readings of the hour counter on this site. It may not be correct due to incorrect time zone settings. But the minutes and seconds in the virtual clock are synchronized via the NTP protocol with the exemplary ones, which, in turn, receive a signal from the navigation satellite.

Step 3

If the watch is mechanical without a second hand, set the time on it directly. Try to place the minute hand between the divisions in the proportion corresponding to the indication of the seconds on the model hours.

Step 4

It is more difficult to set a mechanical watch with a second hand to the nearest second, because it does not provide a stopping option. They stop only when the spring winding ends completely. Try to wait for the clock to stop, set the time a minute ahead, and when the hours, minutes and seconds on the computer screen coincide with the set ones, start the clock right there.

Step 5

Much more convenient in this sense is a mechanical quartz watch. To stop them, just pull out the battery. If a quartz watch is a wristwatch, even this is not required. Just pull back the crown and they will stop. Next, set them to the nearest second using the method described above.

Step 6

On a wrist electronic watch with a four-digit indicator, switch to the stopwatch mode using the function selection button. Then, when the seconds on the model watch cross zero, press the set button. Then slowly set the hours and minutes in the usual way.

Step 7

On an electronic watch with a six-digit indicator, first select the setting mode with the function toggle button. Then use the button to switch the familiarity to select the seconds (they will start blinking), if they are not already selected. After that, when the seconds readings pass through zero on the model watch, press the set button.

Step 8

Some desk clocks have a master reset button. Depending on the model, pressing it resets the readings to 00:00, 11:11 or 12:00. In this case, the seconds counter is reset even if it is impossible to display their readings on the indicator. After performing a master reset, then adjust the hours and minutes as usual.