Tips For Caring For Cacti

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Tips For Caring For Cacti
Tips For Caring For Cacti

Video: Tips For Caring For Cacti

Video: Tips For Caring For Cacti

Cacti are famous for the fact that they do not require complex care and constant attention. However, like other plants, cacti need care, without which they will die. Adequate amount of heat and light, water and complementary foods will ensure the health and beauty of the plant.

Proper care will help you grow a plant that will delight your eyes
Proper care will help you grow a plant that will delight your eyes

Air and fertilizer

Cacti need to constantly loosen the soil, as this ensures the supply and processing of nutrients. In order for the plant to grow well, it must be supplied with a fertilizer that contains all the necessary elements. Therefore, you should buy ready-made feeding for cacti.

Before fertilizing, be sure to water the soil. What matters is the feeding time of the plants. Cacti love to be fed during periods when the weather is cool and cool. It will be more convenient if you divide the flowers into groups, thereby combining them according to similar needs. After all, the quantity and quality of fertilizers for different types of cacti will also be different.

The room in which the cacti are located must be constantly ventilated. The air should freely pass to the roots of the plant, because the degree of assimilation of nutrients depends on the amount of oxygen.


Cacti are ambivalent about water. Their natural habitats are arid deserts and steppes. Therefore, these flowers do not tolerate frequent and excessive moisture. On the other hand, if you overexpose them without moisture, the plants will die. It is best to water abundantly, but rarely. Observing a cactus will help determine the best water regime for it. You need to monitor the soil, if it is already dry and enough time has passed, then it's time to water the cactus.

Indoor cacti are good for watering at any time of the day. If the flowers are in greenhouses that are similar in climate to their natural habitat, it is recommended to water in the evening during hot periods and in the morning during cold periods.

It is worth taking seriously the choice of the pot in which the cactus will live. Distinguish between pots made of artificial and natural materials. Clay and plastic are popular.

Plastic pots are cheaper and help in many ways to promote healthy flower growth. Water from such a pot does not go anywhere. A cactus will not die from heat or lack of moisture. Clay pots are great when there is a risk of excess moisture. Because such dishes are capable of evaporating some of the water.

Light and warm

Cacti need light for the process of photosynthesis. In winter, artificial lighting can be installed in the greenhouse or in the apartment. Fluorescent lamps are popular because their spectrum of electromagnetic radiation has a positive effect on photosynthesis. Incandescent lamps are also used, but they are less useful.

If it is not possible to use a lamp, then cacti in winter are on the sunny side. In the summer, you cannot put cacti in direct sunlight. It is best to create a small shadow for the flower.

For the favorable existence and growth of cacti, it is necessary to monitor the warmth in the room. The temperature should be high enough during the day, which should drop significantly at night. Cacti love if the ratio of heat and light is the same.