How To Draw A Birthday Poster

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How To Draw A Birthday Poster
How To Draw A Birthday Poster

Video: How To Draw A Birthday Poster

Video: How To Draw A Birthday Poster
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The birthday party is decorated with balloons and colorful posters. Pictures, of course, can be bought, but drawing is more fun than work, so try to make the poster yourself.

How to draw a birthday poster
How to draw a birthday poster

It is necessary

  • - sheet of whatman paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - compasses;
  • - ruler;
  • - paints;
  • - glue;
  • - Christmas tree tinsel.


Step 1

Prepare everything you need for work. In addition to paper and paints, prepare additional decorations that will not interfere with the festive picture. It can be Christmas tinsel, shiny stars and confetti.

Step 2

Place a sheet of Whatman paper on the table and secure the corners. On an ordinary notebook paper, make preliminary sketches to determine the composition and components of the drawing. Pictures designed to decorate walls for the birthday of men, women and children may be different. But there are also universal images that will suit everyone, regardless of gender and age.

Step 3

A pretty cake, balloons, gift boxes and brightly colored caps can all be drawn on a versatile poster. First, write the inscription: "Happy birthday, (person's name)!". Mark the location of the letters with a simple pencil. You can use a stencil, but it's quite possible to do without it, just follow the size of the letters with a ruler.

Step 4

Balloons are easier to draw with a compass. Draw a whole bunch of colored balls. On each element, mark a place that you will not paint over - a highlight, it should be located on one side. Let the balloons float at the top of the poster.

Step 5

An elegant table with an appetizing cake will occupy the middle of the poster. Draw a short tablecloth, depict its edge carved with a festive ornament. Draw several cones-caps on the table next to the cake.

Step 6

Place a pile of colorful gift boxes under the table. They should be square and rectangular, large and very small. Remember to draw a ribbon with a bow on each. The pencil sketch is ready, start painting and gluing decorative details.

Step 7

Take bright gouache or acrylic paints, the watercolor will look pale on the poster. When painting over the balls, do not forget to leave a white speck of flare. The letters can also be made in different colors. Leave the tablecloth white so that the cake and caps are clearly visible on its background. Use a round brush to paint the carved border and pattern on it.

Step 8

Color the cake while looking at the photograph of the pastry; some abundance of cherries, strawberries and pieces of fruit will do the trick. Paint them with clean, rich colors. The cake itself can be filled with chocolate color, wait for the layer to dry, and paint whipped cream on top with white gouache. Berries and fruits will be the third layer in your drawing of a confectionery masterpiece.

Step 9

Paint caps and gift boxes using all the available colors in the palette, except for the dark ones. First paint over the entire subject, and after the base tone is dry, draw patterns and ribbons.

Step 10

Move away from your artwork and mark the places that look empty. Glue confetti, sparkles, foil stars on these areas.