Which City Has The Most Inhabitants

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Which City Has The Most Inhabitants
Which City Has The Most Inhabitants

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Video: Which City Has The Most Inhabitants
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There are many rankings that list the most populous cities in the world. Someone takes into account only the total population, someone looks at the density of placement. We have collected information about the most amazing cities with a population of over 10 million people.

Which city has the most inhabitants
Which city has the most inhabitants


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According to scientists, at the beginning of 2014, Tokyo is considered the largest population center in terms of population. It is the capital of Japan, located on the island of Honshu. The number of people in the territory is 37,555,000 people. At the same time, the density per square kilometer is very high - 4400 people. Tokyo is not really a city, but a metropolitan area, consisting of several parts. Today, the Japanese government is creating artificial islands in order to increase the area of the settlement and improve living conditions.

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Jakarta is the second largest year in the world. It is the capital of Indonesia with a population of 29 million 959 thousand people. The area of this county is not large, so the population density is higher than in Tokyo. There are 9,900 people per square kilometer. It is the largest economic center, which has increased its population more than 17 times over the past 50 years.

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The third place is taken by the capital of India - the city of Delhi. This is not the largest settlement in this state, it is inferior in area to Mumbai, but in terms of the number of inhabitants it is much larger than it. More than 24 million people stroll the streets of the Indian capital every day, and this is not counting the thousands of tourists who arrive every day to see the many historical monuments. The population density is 11,600 people per square kilometer.

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The fourth place is taken by the capital of South Korea - the city of Seoul. The total population is 22,992 thousand people, according to estimates for 2014. This is about half of the total population of this state. There are 10,100 people per square kilometer. Manila is on a par with Seoul, its population is less than 200 thousand people. It is the capital of the Philippines, which has grown by 10 million over the past 15 years. Today, 22,710 thousand people live in this district.

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The next most populous city is Shanghai - one of the largest cities in China. Today 22.6 million inhabitants live on its territory. It is the largest port city in the world, through which tons of products are transported to various parts of the world. Shanghai today has also become a tourist center, where people from other countries travel to see huge skyscrapers and ancient monuments of art.

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Moscow occupies only 15th place in the list of the most densely populated cities. In total, according to official sources, the capital of Russia is home to 15 million 855 thousand people. The population density is relatively low, it is about 3400 people per square kilometer. Almost will catch up with the population of Los Angeles, the difference is no more than 500 thousand inhabitants.