Which Country Has The Most Cars

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Which Country Has The Most Cars
Which Country Has The Most Cars

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The level of car ownership per person is on the rise all over the world. It grows fastest in those countries where there is accelerated economic development. At the same time, most cars are not located where the economy is most developed, but where the population is largest.

Which country has the most cars
Which country has the most cars


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The number of cars is counted in several ways. As a rule, it is calculated how many cars in each country are there per 1000 inhabitants. This approach is more honest, according to statisticians, as it reflects the economic well-being of the inhabitants, rather than the rate of population growth. According to this method, the United States is the most motorized country. There are 802 cars per 1000 people. There are about 248 million cars in the country.

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But the largest number of cars per country, as you might guess, can be found in China. The level of car ownership there is relatively low, 297 cars per 1000 people. But the population of the country is huge, and in total it turns out about 400 million cars. However, China has not yet reached its maximum: the country's economy is improving, so the number of cars per capita is also growing.

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The largest car-owning countries in Europe are two European states: Italy and Luxembourg. In both countries, there are about 610 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants.

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Cyprus (580 cars per 1000 people) and Malta (575 cars per 1000 people) are next on the list. A feature of these island states can be called the fact that they do not have railways, which partly compensates for the need for a personal vehicle. Therefore, there are so many cars in Cyprus and Malta: if you want, you don't want to, but you need to move somehow.

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But the increase in economic prosperity, as the example of Denmark shows, is not directly related to the increase in the number of cars. Denmark, which is one of the most economically developed countries in the world, has only 385 cars per 1000 people. Sweden and the Netherlands, which also have very good economies, each have 463 car owners per 1000 people. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in developed countries people are trying to cause as little harm to the environment as possible. But it is possible that the reason is that car ownership there is taxed too much.

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To compare, you can cite statistics for Russia. There are about 293 cars per 1000 people in the country, and in total, about 42 million cars are obtained. Despite the fact that the people of Russia for the most part are not inclined to think too much about the environment, the level of car ownership per person in the country is growing extremely slowly.

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Statistical agencies have noticed one curious point that partly clarifies this feature. In Russia, the parameter of the cost of car ownership is very high. For comparison, in the USA the cost of owning an average price car (about 700 thousand rubles) will be about 220 thousand rubles. a year, in Russia the same car will cost a person already 300 thousand rubles. in year. This is almost the same as in the UK. But in Europe, this amount is influenced by the high price of fuel, and in Russia - by high credit and tax rates, as well as very expensive insurance and maintenance.