How To Warm Water

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How To Warm Water
How To Warm Water

Video: How To Warm Water

Video: How To Warm Water
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Summertime is a great time to lose weight, support your body tired during the winter with vitamins and herbs, and also a great opportunity to get a bronze tan without being noticed. There is only one "but", such benefits of civilization as a hot shower and even an ordinary water supply are not found in every country house. If you also have a need to sprinkle a light stream of hot water on your tired body, know that this can be done very simply.

How to warm water
How to warm water

It is necessary

  • - storage tank;
  • - heater;
  • - water;
  • - automatic heater for water.


Step 1

Buy a metal or plastic tank and paint it black. This color will better attract the sun's rays, and the water in the tank will heat up quickly and intensively. For heating water in the summer, it is very good to use a conventional accumulator. Attach the hose inside the tank to the float so that its tip is constantly on the surface of the water. As a rule, the water from the top is warmed up better. You can take a shower without any heating, and the water will not only be warm, but even very hot.

Step 2

For those who do not like to rely on sunlight and other forces of nature, but are used to relying exclusively on themselves in everything, another option is suitable. Today, the so-called "treadmill shower" is very popular in summer cottages. The device is a mechanism for pumping water from any container by means of the effort that a person makes, alternately stepping on a special mat with his feet. Heat the water with an ordinary boiler and dilute to the required temperature. And then everything is very simple: immerse the hose in a bucket, make a few movements with your feet, and in a few seconds you will have a pressure of warm water.

Step 3

If all the tricks you make in your attempts to wash in the country do not satisfy your needs in any way, install a stationary water heater. The only drawback of this device is that the water must flow into it very clean, without impurities. Therefore, it is not enough just to connect it to a water supply or water column. All the same, you will have to arrange a kind of storage device in which the hard country water will settle and be cleaned of iron and other heavy particles. At the worst, install a water filter along with the heater. But not always equipping your summer cottage with a warm shower is really worth the pain and expense.