How To Come Up With A Nickname

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How To Come Up With A Nickname
How To Come Up With A Nickname

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Video: How To Come Up With A Nickname
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A pseudonym, "nickname", nickname, login - this is the name of the behind-the-scenes name that is chosen by a person who for some reason does not want to indicate his real name under the writer's work, in his blog, in the works of a copywriter, and so on. Choosing a pseudonym, many people think about how to compose it correctly, which of the many possible options to choose.

How to come up with a nickname
How to come up with a nickname


Step 1

The main rule of the chosen alias is its uniqueness. The fewer banal and boring words, the better. Do not stop at the options, which are many (Angel, Flower, Sun, etc.), but try to vary your own name. For example, read it the other way around, or rearrange the syllables in it, or use the first letters of your full name abbreviation.

Step 2

Don't create an alias that is too long or too short. Make it memorable. An alias for a chat, a forum is usually required, written in Latin letters, so come up with it in English.

Step 3

In coming up with a pseudonym, it is not at all necessary to adhere to spelling rules, here you can safely deviate from them.

Step 4

Sometimes a good nickname is obtained if your hobby or occupation is encoded in it. Another option for creating a pseudonym is to play on the area where you were born or live, natural phenomena that are common in your region, some special places in your city or village.

Step 5

Use for a pseudonym the names of mythological creatures, mystical (Viy, Hercules, Penelope, Hephaestus, Leshy and others). You can vary your own name in a Western or Eastern manner, draw analogies in your pseudonym with historical famous personalities.

Step 6

Associate a pseudonym with animals, plants, insects and choose from them those that, you think, personify your human essence.

Step 7

In the creation of nicknames for sites can be involved: objects, phenomena, sounds, appeals to human instincts, upside-down words, names of online games, and so on.

Step 8

Open an encyclopedia or dictionary. Perhaps on these pages you will find the very name that you want to use to sign an article, your own book, or use it to enter the site.