How To Ask For Forgiveness In Words

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How To Ask For Forgiveness In Words
How To Ask For Forgiveness In Words

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Video: How To Ask For Forgiveness In Words
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Quarrel … Pain and resentment in your beloved eyes. Both are to blame, but someone else is to blame. Why is it so difficult to say "I'm sorry", because he is expected at this moment most of all? Most often, because arguing and proving something to each other, few people choose words.

How to ask for forgiveness in words
How to ask for forgiveness in words

It is necessary

  • - desire to make peace;
  • - mobile phone;
  • - present.


Step 1

The most important thing in this situation is not to prolong the fight. The longer the conflict lasts, the more difficult it is to get out of it. There is nothing worse than a long-standing resentment, it only intensifies if the request for forgiveness is not sounded.

Step 2

Don't try to act like you were before a spat and keep talking about distracted topics. Anyone who is offended will perceive this as indifference to what is so important to him at the moment. Don't try to make it a joke. Your opponent is unlikely to want to have fun with what upsets him.

Step 3

Before asking for forgiveness in words, mentally put yourself in the shoes of the offended person. Avoid re-arguing, even if you really want to continue bickering, after all, a good relationship is more important. Then, when the resentment subsides, discuss everything in a calm atmosphere.

Step 4

To get started, just walk up to the one you offended and say calmly that you were wrong and you are very sorry about your behavior. If they begin to reproach you, do not get involved in another squabble, say that you will discuss everything later. Your request for forgiveness must be sincere, the person must see that you are telling the truth.

Step 5

If it is very difficult for you to ask for forgiveness in words, try sending the words of remorse in an SMS message first. But, such a message, in no case, should replace the appeal in words.

Step 6

Often, in such cases, small but desirable gifts help out. Women can be given flowers, men can be given something related to a hobby. Good mutual friends, colleagues, or close family members can sometimes help. One of the options can be a joint vacation.

Step 7

You can use verses for a truce. Even if your last name is not Pushkin, and you learned the last poem in the tenth grade, you can try to compose a short quatrain and recite it. It can also be funny, it is important that they notice that you are not indifferent to the quarrel.

Step 8

It is good if your attempts are crowned with success, and peace has come between you. But, this is not always the case. Often, the resentment is so strong that there is nothing left for common sense. In this case, calm negotiations will surely lead to success.