What Household Appliances Are The Most Harmful

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What Household Appliances Are The Most Harmful
What Household Appliances Are The Most Harmful

Video: What Household Appliances Are The Most Harmful

Video: What Household Appliances Are The Most Harmful
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Today it is difficult to imagine life without household appliances. The technique greatly simplifies household chores, and also reduces the time spent on this. Unfortunately, few people think about what harm to health can be caused by electrical appliances.

What household appliances are the most harmful
What household appliances are the most harmful

Scientists around the world have long come to the conclusion that electromagnetic radiation from household appliances has a detrimental effect on human health. It negatively affects not only the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body, but can also cause infertility. Swedish experts have found out the safety threshold in the intensity of the electromagnetic field. In their opinion, it is equal to 0.2 microtesla.

Rating of the most harmful devices

Mobile phones, radiotelephones. Although they have relatively small electromagnetic waves, it is their modern person who so often and so closely leans to the head that this negatively affects the state of health: it leads to headaches, poor sleep.

Computers. Radiation from this technique spreads in all directions. In addition, it has been found that the level of electromagnetic rays in the user's area exceeds the biohazard level. Therefore, the distance from the monitor to the person is important. It should be at least 70 cm. At the same time, do not forget about the limitation of the time spent at the computer.

Refrigerators with NO FROST system. Modern refrigerators with an anti-freezer are the most dangerous household appliances of all. Radiation from the compressor exceeds the permissible standards in such devices at a distance of about 1 m. Therefore, when approaching it, it is better to know in advance what you want to get out of it, and not to linger at the open door.

Conditioners. Like refrigerators, air conditioners have very strong electromagnetic waves. It is best not to come closer than two meters to them. In addition, they can cause pneumonia, bronchitis and ODS.

Hair dryer. In addition to being very harmful to hair, a hair dryer generates very powerful electromagnetic radiation that negatively affects the human brain.

How can you reduce the negative impact of household appliances on human health?

Electric kettles, irons, table lamps, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and, in particular, microwave ovens are sources of danger that are almost impossible for a modern person to completely abandon. But you can take some steps to minimize their negative impact.

First of all, you need to keep your distance. You need to understand that no walls or partitions will save you from electromagnetic radiation, so it is best to protect yourself and not use several powerful devices at once, for example, a mobile phone, a hair dryer and a computer.

One of the most effective ways to protect against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation is to use special devices to neutralize this radiation.

Another measure to reduce harmful effects is to avoid the use of carriers for powerful electrical appliances. In addition, it is important to disconnect the unused device from the power supply - this way the radiation will be several times less.