How To Dilute Vinegar With Water

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How To Dilute Vinegar With Water
How To Dilute Vinegar With Water

Video: How To Dilute Vinegar With Water

Video: How To Dilute Vinegar With Water
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Vinegar essence is a very practical purchase. A highly concentrated solution is better stored, moreover, it can always be diluted in the proportion that is necessary in each case. To prepare a rubdown solution or table vinegar for a sauce, the essence must be diluted with water.

How to dilute vinegar with water
How to dilute vinegar with water


  • - concentrated vinegar;
  • - boiled or bottled drinking water;
  • - measuring spoon;
  • - mixing utensils;
  • - a bottle with a tight cap.


Step 1

Please note that acetic acid has different concentrations. When purchasing a bottle, look on the label for information about it. Most often, seventy and eighty percent acid is found on sale.

Step 2

Further steps depend on which solution you need. For culinary purposes, a 3%, 6%, 8% solution is most often used. To get the concentration you want, calculate how many parts of water you need for one part of vinegar. Divide the number indicating the percentage means that to prepare three percent vinegar, you should take 23 parts of water to 1 part of a seventy percent concentrate.

Step 3

Dilute vinegar with cold boiled or drinking bottled water. Pour the required amount of water into a clean dish, add some of the acetic acid and stir. The solution is ready. It can be stored by pouring it into a vial with a tight-fitting lid or stopper.

Step 4

If the recipe calls for 6% vinegar and you only have 3% diluted vinegar available, double the dose, for example by adding two teaspoons of 3% vinegar instead of one 6% vinegar.

Step 5

If you plan on doing vinegar compresses or rubdowns, use a 3% or 6% solution. For wiping children, 3% vinegar can be diluted even more by adding part of the water to one part of the solution. Soak a towel in the solution and start rubbing. Diluted vinegar relieves fever and soothes headache attacks.