How To Learn To Live Right

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How To Learn To Live Right
How To Learn To Live Right

Video: How To Learn To Live Right

Video: How To Learn To Live Right
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Learning to live correctly without feeling the pangs of conscience for your own actions is not difficult. It is worth listening to the basic church commandments, laws and moral norms of the society in which a person lives.

For a person who has questions about the correctness of his life, you do not need to worry. This means that he has the baggage of moral and ethical values that are accepted in the society in which he lives. And doubts are a new stage in the formation of an individual, a step in his spiritual growth.

All these values do not fall on a person suddenly, like hail in the summer heat, they are laid gradually and constantly, from the moment of birth and realizing oneself as a person. Everything that people who educate a person say, how they act themselves, what they preach and what they condemn - all this forms the character and worldview, which subsequently guides a person in social life.

Doubts about your own significance and the correctness of your lifestyle

Each step of moral maturation is accompanied by internal throwing, doubts about the correctness of one's way of life and one's own significance. This may be due to dissatisfaction with the results of a material or spiritual plane.

If the priority of values, as a result of upbringing, is to achieve material well-being, then the desire to meet some standards that do not always meet their own ideas about correctness causes inner discomfort and a desire to change something in life.

It is important to let go of other people's expectations and allow yourself to live according to your needs. Not trying to turn inside out in pursuit of enrichment or living by someone else's instructions. You only need to listen to the inner voice of your own soul.

How to live in harmony with yourself

First of all, you need to love yourself exactly as you are. Accept yourself in this world with all your weaknesses and actions. Do not feel a false sense of duty to someone or a moral duty if you do not feel it internally.

Do not allow yourself to commit acts that are contrary to your own conscience and for which it will be painful in your soul. The pangs of conscience can poison the life of the most prosperous person.

To be able to enjoy every hour lived. To greet each new day with gratitude. Even if hard work lies ahead in the name of daily existence. Many are deprived of this too. One has only to imagine for a moment that there are people bedridden by illness and terribly lonely, how life becomes many times more valuable and their own worries do not seem so burdensome.

If the question of how to learn to live correctly is haunted for a long time, it is worth visiting a church and getting acquainted with the basic commandments. Believers who live by these commandments do not suffer from this kind of doubt. They just know how to do the right thing to make life a joy.

Do not do evil, do not offend the weak, honor parents - these are the postulates of a righteous (or correct) life. With mother's milk, a person absorbs concepts of good and evil, of what is good or bad.

There is no need to discover new tricky moral rules, you just need to live according to the laws and customs that have been developed by generations in that society, in that country and in that nation of which a person considers himself a part.