What Is The Name Of The International Police And What Are Its Functions?

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What Is The Name Of The International Police And What Are Its Functions?
What Is The Name Of The International Police And What Are Its Functions?

Video: What Is The Name Of The International Police And What Are Its Functions?

Video: What Is The Name Of The International Police And What Are Its Functions?
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International Criminal Police - Interpol - an organization that brings together the police of many countries in the fight against crime. Interpol was founded back in 1923 and now has 190 member countries.

Interpol emblem
Interpol emblem

Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, crime crossed the borders of individual states, and the criminals of all countries began to unite among themselves. In response to this phenomenon, the police decided to unite in order to respond quickly and effectively at the international level. The new organization became known as Interpol.

The General Secretariat of Interpol is located in France, in Lyon and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Interpol has 7 regional offices around the world, 190 national bureaus, UN and EU representations.

Functions of Interpol

The main tasks of Interpol are to ensure the interaction of individual countries in the fight against crime and to pursue a unified policy in the field of combating crime. In addition, Interpol provides the functions of international tracing of suspects in a crime, combating organized crime, counterfeiters, information and economic crimes, trafficking in human beings, drugs and child pornography. Recently, special attention has been paid to combating terrorism and ensuring public safety.

Through the joint efforts of police officers from many countries, Interpol strives to make the world a safer place. The high-tech infrastructure of Interpol helps to solve the problems of operational and technical support of the police organization in the way that the 21st century requires.

Interpol is committed to providing police worldwide with access to the tools and services they need to effectively fight crime. This provides targeted training, expert investigation support, essential information and secure communication channels. This helps local police understand crime trends, analyze all the information they need, and arrest as many criminals as possible.

The National Bureau of Interpol carries out interaction between national police and state bodies with the General Secretariat of Interpol and the police of foreign countries.

Priorities of Interpol

Establishment of a secure global police information and support system composed of 190 national bureaus and strategic international partner organizations. This allows you to instantly exchange the necessary operational information and provide the widest possible access to it.

Round-the-clock support for police officers of all countries, including in crisis and emergency situations. For this, the potential of national bureaus is being comprehensively developed, the range of capabilities of the command and the coordination center is expanding, expert and investigation teams are being developed, security issues are being studied during major events and assistance in natural disasters.

Introducing innovations, increasing the professional training of police officers from different countries, developing new standards in the field of law enforcement, helping to develop methods to combat new types of crime.

Providing assistance in finding criminals and solving crimes. For this, the most detailed databases have been created, assistance is provided in the implementation of innovative methods of crime prevention. Assistance is provided in locating and arresting fugitives and international criminals.