How To Understand The Proverb "morning Is Wiser Than Evening"

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How To Understand The Proverb "morning Is Wiser Than Evening"
How To Understand The Proverb "morning Is Wiser Than Evening"

Video: How To Understand The Proverb "morning Is Wiser Than Evening"

Video: How To Understand The Proverb "morning Is Wiser Than Evening"
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A well of folk wisdom in the form of proverbs and sayings includes the laws of building relationships, recommendations for family life, and even contains the basics of medicine, psychoanalysis and physiology.

How to understand a proverb
How to understand a proverb

"The morning of the evening is wiser" - the Russian people thought long before scientific research in the field of psychology and the study of the functioning of the human brain. Based solely on observations and generalization of experience, the people made a conclusion about the features of the physiology of the brain. It is believed that after sleep, all problems become clearer, better thinking with a fresh mind.

Why is the morning of the evening wiser

Do not think that metamorphoses in the human mind occur depending on the time of day. In this context, we mean the state of a person before and after sleep. The life of any people at the dawn of existence, just at the time when the genre of proverbs was emerging, depended on the daily cycle. The man got up at sunrise and went to bed at sunset. The modern division into "owls" and "larks" was irrelevant, since the basis of life was agriculture and everything connected with it.

So, if you bring a scientific background to the statement, I mean the state of a person after sleep, and the effect of sleep on mental work and memorization processes.

What Happens During Sleep

During sleep, deep processes in the human brain are activated. Sleep goes through several stages, during which the information accumulated during the day is processed. At different stages, different stages of analytical and synthetic processing take place - the brain, as it were, compares facts, correlates some events with others, draws conclusions and puts everything in its place.

As a result, after a full and high-quality sleep, a person can wake up with a ready-made solution to the problem. A process similar to restarting a computer.

Nightly brain reboot results

The classic illustration of the action of folk wisdom is the periodic table. After long and vain attempts to systematize chemical elements, the scientist's brain solved the problem for him and lined up in a table not only the elements discovered at that time, but also left room for future discoveries.

At the end of the 19th century, William Watts, an English plumber, saw in a dream how drops of lead, falling in the form of rain, solidified in the form of regular-shaped balls. This is how a rational way of making shot was invented. The principle is still used today.

Niels Bohr saw in a dream the structure of an atom. Soviet designer Antonov dreamed of the tail of an aircraft, over the configuration of which he had been thinking for months.

Raphael searched for the composition of his "Sistine Madonna" for an agonizingly long time, until she came down to him in a dream in the form in which the whole world knows her now.

These are not the only, but the most striking examples in the history of mankind, proving that the morning is wiser than the evening.