How To Create An Ad

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How To Create An Ad
How To Create An Ad

Video: How To Create An Ad

Video: How To Create An Ad
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Creating an advertisement is a great way to find clients, partners and employees, which is successfully used by many domestic and foreign companies. But the effectiveness of a marketing tool directly depends on its structure.

How to create an ad
How to create an ad


Step 1

Draw a portrait of a typical customer who will be targeted by your ad copy. This will allow you to understand the needs of the target audience and, based on the data obtained, create an effective tool to achieve the goal.

Step 2

Come up with ad copy that would interest potential customers. To do this, it is important to adhere to traditional rules. The wording of the proposal should be as short, simple and understandable as possible for the representatives of the target audience. When it comes to advertising for teenagers, the use of slang typical for the younger generation is allowed.

Fill the text with useful qualities of the proposed product, argue the need for its use, focus on the emotional component, evoke a feeling of possession of this thing. Dry listing of characteristics is the most primitive option, which is best to refuse. A small piece of coherent text of 3-4 sentences will be much more effective.

Use highlighter shapes that you can use to generate interest in your customers. These include bold, italic, underline. Additionally, indices, font size, points, color can be used. It should be borne in mind that italics make it difficult to read, so it is best not to neglect them.

The ad text should not contain ambiguity, unreasonable praise, belittling competitors.

Step 3

Create an appropriate headline that captures the essence of the proposal, otherwise your ad will look headless. Do not leave the topic, it will complicate understanding. According to the information of the "Encyclopedia of Marketing" company, the main text is read 5 times less often than the title to it.

Step 4

Find the right decor. The background color should not make it difficult to read the main text, the most advantageous are light colors. Avoid effects that can create ripples in your eyes.

Step 5

Use a picture. It will help draw attention to the ad, make it recognizable and memorable. As a rule, one image is always located to the left of the text. Quite a reasonable maneuver: a person reads the lines from left to right, therefore, if the client is interested in the illustration located on the left side, then the likelihood that he will switch to the main text of the ad increases significantly.