How To Choose Hockey Leggings

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How To Choose Hockey Leggings
How To Choose Hockey Leggings

Video: How To Choose Hockey Leggings

Video: How To Choose Hockey Leggings
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Hockey leggings are one of the elements of a hockey player's protection, which is a special glove. Hockey gaiters protect the athlete's hands, as well as all wrist joints and parts of the forearms from blows with a puck, a club or a fall. These are not just gloves, these are unique ones, which, along with a protective function, are also capable of providing maximum mobility to the player during the game and not at all constraining him in movements. Every player worthy of respect should be able to choose such protective items.

How to choose hockey leggings
How to choose hockey leggings


Step 1

Measure the distance from your fingertips to the edge of the elbow pad. It should be remembered that leggings should not fit snugly against the hands, as this will interfere with playing. If the gloves are too tight to the body, the hockey player's movements are limited.

Step 2

Convert the centimeters obtained by measurements into inches, since hockey leggings in specialized stores are sold with the size indicated in inches. To do this, you need to multiply the size obtained in centimeters by 2, 5 - you get, respectively, the size in inches.

Step 3

Visit a dedicated sports store. Choose the right size gloves and inspect them carefully. It is best to choose hockey leggings with a special cuff. This will allow the glove to fit into your existing hockey uniform.

Step 4

Twist and bend the gloves. With such actions, hockey leggings should easily unbend and bend in the fingers. This is to ensure that the athlete can comfortably hold the golf club in the position that he needs at the time of the game. Check with the store consultant if the gloves have a thermoforming wrist. This detail allows the gloves to fit snugly and comfortably on the hand.

Step 5

Pay attention to the inside and outside of the product. For amateur hockey players, leggings made of textiles are suitable, and for professionals, the best option would be made of polyurethane, since they are the most comfortable and last twice as long.

Step 6

Try on leggings. The inner surface of the glove, that is, the palm itself, should be as comfortable as possible and fit well under your hand. This will allow the hockey player to avoid blisters and irritations when using the gaiters for a long time. It should be possible to hold the club in any position with such a glove. Remember, if the glove does not cause discomfort when flexing and extending the fingers, and also fits comfortably on the hand, it is selected correctly.