Why Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?

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Why Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?
Why Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?

Video: Why Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?

Video: Why Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?
Video: "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis 2023, December

The mobile phone is an invention that has united the whole world. But despite all its advantages, scientists are diligently trying to prove the real threat of such a means of communication for human life. Everyone needs to know this, because forewarned is forearmed.

Why are mobile phones dangerous?
Why are mobile phones dangerous?

The Danger of Mobile Phones: Scientific Research

Representatives of science all over the world are fighting over the question whether a mobile phone is dangerous. For example, Swedish scientists, after conducting 11 studies, came to the conclusion that the use of such devices for 10 years increases the risk of getting a tumor of the auditory nerve by 2 times. In an interview, the head of these studies, Professor Kjell Mild, clarifies: the danger from mobile phones can be much more serious, especially for children, because the thickness of their bone tissue is much thinner than that of adults.

Prolonged use of a mobile phone can lead to serious illness.

British scientists observed the physiological parameters of a person during a telephone conversation for 30 minutes. As a result, it was found that within 6 minutes of the conversation, the body temperature of the people under study increased by an average of 2, 3 degrees. In addition, the flow of air inhaled through the nose from the side close to the mobile device has changed.

Australian scientists took control of a man with a nervous breakdown, the cause of which could not be determined even with a brain scan. After short experiments with the "miracle tube", it turned out that every time after using a mobile phone for 2 hours, he suffered from terrible one-sided headaches. The head of the Australian research group, Peter Hawking, said that this patient's health problems are associated with the use of a mobile phone.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Cell Phone Danger

To date, the connection of various diseases with mobile phones has not been fully proven. However, you should still reduce the risk of a possible hazard. For this, experts recommend adhering to several recommendations.

Try to keep your mobile phone at a distance. The closer the device is to you, the more radiation you receive. In addition, the cellular communication device is most active at the time of a call, so use a telephone headset (free-hands) or turn on the speakerphone during the connection.

To reduce the risk of mobile danger, talk on the phone no more than 1 hour a day.

Switch off your phone before entering the subway, as the mobile emits the maximum amount of electromagnetic waves to search for communication with the main base. In this case, the radiation is received not only by you, but by the people around you.

Use special covers that reduce radiation levels. Try to refrain from frequent use of a mobile device in case of an unreasonable appearance after a telephone conversation:

- drowsiness;

- irritation;

- headache.

Watch your health and take care of yourself!