How To Light A Fire Without Fuel

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How To Light A Fire Without Fuel
How To Light A Fire Without Fuel

Video: How To Light A Fire Without Fuel

Video: How To Light A Fire Without Fuel
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No spending the night in the forest for nature lovers can do without a fire. And to the usual picnic, to which the tired townspeople got out, the fire gives an additional charm.

How to light a fire without fuel
How to light a fire without fuel


Step 1

It is very important to choose the right place for the fire. It cannot be bred on a peat bog: the fire penetrates deep inside, and it can be very difficult to extinguish it. An unsuitable place for a fire would be coniferous dead wood or young growth - this is a very flammable material. There is a great risk that the fire will spread to the trunks. You also cannot make a fire under the crown of a tree - the fire will damage the roots and bark, and the tree may die.

Step 2

Having chosen a place, clean it of dry branches, leaves, needles and dig in with a groove. Use a spatula or a hatchet to remove the top layer of the turf so as not to damage it, and lay it down with the grass outside the intended fire pit.

Step 3

In dry weather, there is usually no problem building a fire. For kindling, it is best to use birch bark, small dry branches, fallen needles. Fold a hut out of them and set it on fire with a match. Use larger firewood as the fire starts.

Step 4

In wet weather, you can use the lower dead branches of coniferous trees and all the same birch bark, candle stubs, newspapers as kindling. To make damp branches flare up, you need air draft. You can often wave a piece of cardboard at the fire, or use an air pump for a rubber boat or air mattress.

Step 5

After you have made a small fire, put thicker firewood on it - they will warm up, dry and gradually flare up. However, it is necessary to have a supply of dry brushwood in order to support the dying fire if necessary.

Step 6

If you start a fire in winter, remove the snow to the ground or place thick wood on top of it. For kindling, collect thin, dry branches that are broken by the wind and hanging from the trees. Fold the kindling on the ground or on a wood floor like a hut. If necessary, use dry paper such as newspapers. Green needles burn well, however, when burning, it gives off black resinous smoke.