How To Make Glowing Paint

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How To Make Glowing Paint
How To Make Glowing Paint

Video: How To Make Glowing Paint

Video: How To Make Glowing Paint
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Glowing paint is widely used in the manufacture of theatrical decorations, various "magic" items for night shows and role-playing games. You can make such a paint with your own hands if you have some skills in working with chemicals.

To prepare glowing paint, you need a porcelain chemical dish
To prepare glowing paint, you need a porcelain chemical dish


  • - porcelain chemical dishes;
  • - scales;
  • - beaker;
  • - gas burner or electric stove;
  • - colorless oil varnish, nitro varnish or nitroclay;
  • - chemicals for each paint;
  • - latex gloves;
  • - protective mask;
  • - protective glasses.


Step 1

To make a bluish white paint, take:

- strontium sulfate - 20 g;

- 0.5% alcoholic solution of silver nitrate - 2 ml;

- 0.5% lead nitrate solution -4 ml;

Place all ingredients in a porcelain bowl and rub with a porcelain pestle. Heat the mixture on a gas burner or electric stove for 2-3 hours, stirring thoroughly.

Step 2

Mix the resulting powder with some kind of transparent varnish or nitro glue to the consistency of paint or paste. The drawing is applied with a brush or by rubbing the paste into the prepared in-depth contour. Let the image dry. You have an afterglow paint. If the drawing is first held in bright light, and then placed in the dark, it will glow.

Step 3

You can prepare glowing paints and other colors. For yellow-green, take the following substances:

- sulfate barium - 60 g;

- 0.5% alcohol solution of uranium nitrate - 6 ml;

- 0.5% solution of bismuth nitrate - 12 ml.

This recipe is mainly suitable for acquaintance, since the paint turns out to be weakly radioactive.

Step 4

Bright yellow paint, unlike yellow-green paint, is safe. To prepare it you need:

- strontium carbonate - 100 g;

- sulfur powder - 30 g;

- soda ash - 2 g;

- sodium chloride - 0.5 g;

- manganese sulfate - 0.2 g.

Step 5

Purple paint is prepared from the following substances:

- 0.5% solution of bismuth nitrate - 1 ml;

- sulfur powder - 6 g;

- sodium chloride - 0.15 g;

- slaked lime - 20 g:

- potassium chloride - 0.15 g.

Step 6

For the preparation of glowing paint, you can also use the fragments of glowing plastic figurines, which at one time the Russian industry produced quite a lot. They need to be crushed and dissolved in acetone or dichloroethane.