How To File A Patent Application In

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How To File A Patent Application In
How To File A Patent Application In

Video: How To File A Patent Application In

Video: How To File A Patent Application In
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An invention is a technical solution to a problem. Humanity is constantly striving to improve its life, embodying new technical ideas into reality. Unfortunately, it is impossible to patent an idea, but an invention, industrial design or utility model can be patented.

How to file a patent application
How to file a patent application


  • - application for a patent (application);
  • - full description of the invention;
  • - drawing materials;
  • - a receipt for payment of the patent state fee.


Step 1

To make your invention forever associated with your name, apply for a patent to a special body dealing with the protection of rights in the field of inventions - the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. According to Article 1345 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, all inventions and scientific discoveries must be patented, i.e. protect your copyright.

Step 2

Before filing an application with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, conduct a preliminary patent search. Its purpose will be to determine the novelty of the invention (or lack thereof) based on the description of the technical solution. This preliminary search gives you confidence in the uniqueness of your invention and the possibility of obtaining a patent.

Step 3

Fill out a patent application (application). Be sure to include all the data on the author of the invention - the person for whom the patent will be issued. Write down the place of registration and place of actual residence of all persons who are indicated in the patent application.

Step 4

Describe your invention - reveal it with clear explanations indicating its essence and action, that is, create a detailed descriptive part of the invention - an abstract to the patent application.

Step 5

Provide the claims that are necessary for the operation of the invention referred to in the application. Attach to your patent application any drawing material that discloses the full essence of the invention.

Step 6

Indicate all the details of the filed application for the grant of a patent: the date of the application, the number of the country where it was filed, or make a copy by notarizing it. If you are personally unable to file a patent application on your own, your representative can do so. Draw up a power of attorney in his name, sealed and notarized for a legal entity.

Step 7

Pay the patent fee at any branch of the Savings Bank and submit the receipt to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property along with your application. Your application will go through two examinations before a decision is made to grant a patent. All patented inventions are included in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation.