How To Develop A Business Card

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How To Develop A Business Card
How To Develop A Business Card

Video: How To Develop A Business Card

Video: How To Develop A Business Card
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A business card is a small card on which, as a rule, the contact details of its owner and his position or activity in which he is engaged are written. Despite the seeming scarcity of information, in reality a business card says a lot about a person. The design and quality of the card, the organization and building of data on it - all this makes it possible to understand how much a person or organization shows attention to their image in the eyes of others.

How to develop a business card
How to develop a business card


Step 1

Before designing a business card, make a plan of the information that will be reflected there. As a rule, this is the name and surname of a person, often a patronymic, the name of the organization in which he works, his position. Sometimes the address of the company is also indicated. It is considered mandatory to have contact information: one or more phones, as well as e-mail and the website of the organization, if any.

Step 2

Choose thick, high-quality paper for printing your business cards. If someone allows himself to use cheap paper, then it immediately becomes clear what his attitude towards clients and partners is. High-end cardboard is a little more expensive than usual, but the opinion it forms is more important than its cost.

Step 3

Use a simple font and soothing colors. Information on a business card should not be difficult to read, but, on the contrary, should be easily perceived at first glance.

Step 4

If the business card is corporate, it is wise to use colors that are inherent in the corporate identity of the brand or enterprise. For a personal business card, there is much more room for a colorist, but don't let this lead you into temptation: calm colors will create a pleasant impression, while wild and flashy ones are unlikely.

Step 5

Sometimes a small slogan or motto is added to the business card. As a rule, this is done in cases where the card represents not so much a person as his services within the framework of the position or organization.

Step 6

A little originality doesn't hurt. If your business card has some element of its own that makes it easy to distinguish it from the rest, this will be an advantage. She will be remembered, and this is one of the purposes of creating business cards.