How To Find A Certified Letter

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How To Find A Certified Letter
How To Find A Certified Letter

Video: How To Find A Certified Letter

Video: How To Find A Certified Letter
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It would seem that in the age of modern information technologies, the services of ordinary mail will become a thing of the past. But people still write letters. And many organizations require sending them letters only by Russian Post. At the same time, letters must be registered. That is, the delivery of such a letter is guaranteed. It happens that letters do not reach the addressee, are lost, disappear.

How to find a certified letter
How to find a certified letter


Step 1

It is best to use the "registered with return notification" service when sending a letter. The notification will not add much to the cost of sending. At the same time, if the letter is sent without notification, then a notice is simply thrown into the addressee's mailbox that a letter is awaiting him from Post Office N, as well as a request to appear and receive it.

If the letter is sent with return notification, it will be handed over to the recipient personally. They will ask you to sign the receipt of return, and then send the notice to you.

Step 2

When sending a letter, you will be sure to be handed a check, which will indicate a unique identification number of the postal item (domestic or international). Don't lose your check until the letter reaches the addressee. Better yet, notify the recipient of the letter right away. If you are the recipient, then ask to send you information about the identifier. Information about the identifier is tracked at each stage of forwarding a letter: sending, delivery, sorting, issuing to the addressee, etc. Usually information is entered either in real time or with a delay of several hours.

The unique identification number of the postal item is also indicated on the letter (parcel).

If a registered letter or a registered letter with a return notification still did not reach the addressee, you need to go to the website of the Russian Post in the section "Postal services - Tracking postal items" (https://xn----7sbza0acdlkaf3d.xn--p1ai/rp/servise/ru/home/postuslug/track …)

In the column "Postal identifier" enter the identification number indicated on the check. The number should be entered without brackets or spaces.

If the search is successful, you will see the status

Click the Find button.

If the search is successful, you will see the status of your shipment, its location.

Remember! If the shipment you are looking for is international, it may be delayed for customs clearance. In this case, information about him will not be available until the letter is transferred to the Russian Post for further sending across the territory of Russia.

Step 3

If a search through the Russian Post website did not return any results, write a search request.

An application addressed to the head of the post office can be submitted either at the place of departure of the letter, or at the place of receipt. You must have an identity document with you, as well as the original or a copy of the receipt (check). Application forms are available in every branch of the Russian Post. In addition, they can be downloaded, saved and printed on the website of the Russian Post in the section "Appeal of users with the services of FSUE Russian Post"

In the application, be sure to indicate the address of the sender and recipient, a unique identification number, surname, name and patronymic of the sender and recipient, attach a copy of the receipt. After completing the application, pass it on to the director's reception or through a specialized information desk. There is a tear-off coupon under the form of each application. This coupon will indicate your application. After a while, you will be contacted by contact phone numbers or an informational letter will be sent about the results of the search for undelivered mail.

Step 4

Write an email to one of the addresses indicated on the Russian Post website (https://xn----7sbza0acdlkaf3d.xn--p1ai/rp/contacts/ru/home). In the letter, indicate the ID number, contact information and expect a response.