How To Make An Aircraft Yourself

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How To Make An Aircraft Yourself
How To Make An Aircraft Yourself

Video: How To Make An Aircraft Yourself

Video: How To Make An Aircraft Yourself
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Amateur aircraft construction is widely developed in the world. Hobbyists build a wide variety of devices, from the simplest designs to the most complex devices costing millions of dollars. Where to start for someone who wants to go up to the sky on their own?

How to make an aircraft yourself
How to make an aircraft yourself

It is necessary

  • - well equipped workshop;
  • - drawings of the aircraft;
  • - materials and assemblies;


Step 1

First you need to choose the type of aircraft that suits you best. Decide if you want to soar in absolute silence, or are you more attracted to the speed and noise of the motor? In the first case, you can build a hang glider or a glider. In the second, there are more options, starting from a motor hang-glider and ending with airplanes of different schemes.

Step 2

Create your first aircraft according to ready-made drawings, tested by many amateur aircraft builders. Without experience, you should not design your own design, since the risk of making a mistake in the calculations is very high, and the cost of such an error can be very high. Just repeat a well-proven design, it will give you the experience you need and save you a lot of problems.

Step 3

On the network you can find both paid drawings and those laid out for free access. It is better to build the first homemade product according to drawings available to everyone. This has its own plus: such planes are copied by many home-builders, the construction technology is well developed and described in detail. There is an opportunity to get competent advice on forums dedicated to amateur aircraft construction.

Step 4

When building, strictly follow all the recommendations of the authors of the design, do not make any structural changes to the project. When buying materials and units, be sure to take sales receipts, they will come in handy when registering a built aircraft. Without registration, you will not have the right to take the plane into the air.

Step 5

From the very beginning of construction, accustom yourself to the highest quality of work performed. Do everything very carefully and carefully, watch the appearance of homemade items. There should not be even the slightest trace of negligence, and even where no one will see it. Such thoroughness will immediately set a high level of quality, you just have to maintain it until the end of the construction.

Step 6

To build an airplane, you need a suitable room and a good set of tools. Working “on the knee” will not give the desired quality, so start building an airplane by creating a well-equipped workshop. In the future, this will save you time, effort and money.