How To Use A Pregnancy Test

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How To Use A Pregnancy Test
How To Use A Pregnancy Test

Video: How To Use A Pregnancy Test

Video: How To Use A Pregnancy Test
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Home tests are one of the tools for early detection of pregnancy, which can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. But in order for their reliability to be maximized, it is worth observing the necessary conditions for their use. Only in this case the result can be almost 100%.

How to use a pregnancy test
How to use a pregnancy test


Step 1

Before using a pregnancy test, read the instructions carefully, as they may differ in the determination technique. Moreover, the reliability of the result can be influenced by the portion of urine - the first or average with a continuous stream and other subtleties. Use only morning urine to determine pregnancy, since it is in it that the largest amount of the hormone appears - human chorionic gonadotropin, the level of which determines one or two strips on the pregnancy test.

Step 2

Take a pregnancy test no earlier than one week after your missed period. And for any result, repeat it two days in a row and again a week later. This is necessary because in some cases of pregnancy, hormone production occurs later than usual, i.e. not on the 6th day after conception, but on the 14-15th - the time of the maximum concentration of chorionic gonadotropin.

Step 3

Before using the test, make sure that at least one strip is present - an indicator of the suitability of the test, i.e. a kind of expiration date. The second strip will appear only in case of a positive pregnancy test result and only after contact with urine.

Step 4

After the test, do not rush to draw immediate conclusions. The appearance of a second streak can occur within 10 minutes. But even if the result is negative, do not exclude a possible pregnancy and wait for a second test in a week.

Step 5

In case of a positive pregnancy test, in order to exclude all gynecological diseases that cause the production of chorionic gonadotropin, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist to confirm pregnancy and to obtain the necessary recommendations for carrying a healthy child.

Step 6

If there are clear signs of pregnancy, but if the test is negative, see your doctor. Perhaps the point is a poor-quality test or individual characteristics of the body.