The Most Famous Legends Of Russia

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The Most Famous Legends Of Russia
The Most Famous Legends Of Russia

Video: The Most Famous Legends Of Russia

Video: The Most Famous Legends Of Russia
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As in any other country in the world, Russia has its own legends and traditions. Some of them have long since sunk into oblivion, others have become folklore, and still others are still alive and are urban legends of our time.

Khovrinskaya hospital is one of the scariest places on the planet
Khovrinskaya hospital is one of the scariest places on the planet


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In the north of Moscow, in Khovrino, there has been an unfinished building resembling a ghost ship for more than a decade. It still instills fear in the residents of this Moscow district, since it has long had a bad reputation. This building is an unfinished hospital. Its construction began in 1980, but was never completed. Popularly, this unfinished building was called the Khovrinskaya abandoned hospital and is one of the ten most terrible places in the world! As soon as they do not call the Khovrinskaya unfinished building: the house of horror, and the cradle of nightmares, and even the citadel of darkness.

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According to the urban legend, the construction of this hospital began on the bones, i.e. on the site where the old abandoned cemetery once stood. Many people are sure that this explains all the failures that accompanied the construction process. Old-timers generally say that there used to be a large swampy swamp on the site of the abandoned Khovrinskaya hospital. This is evidenced by the fact that at present the foundation of the unfinished construction is sinking lower and lower into the groundwater. The construction of this architectural structure was suspended in 1985. Since the time the last builder left the territory of this building, the Khovrinskaya hospital has been living a life of its own, full of secrets and tragedies.

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The legend about the Khovrinskaya hospital says that many people went missing on its territory or within its walls, some of them were found killed or mutilated. In addition, various sects still arrange their rituals within the walls of this strange unfinished building. Indigenous Muscovites generally call this building "Umbrella", and not without reason! The fact is that from a bird's eye view, the Khovrinskaya unfinished project is very similar to the global biohazard logo, as well as to the secret corporation from the famous movie "Resident Evil". Unfortunately, at present, the Khovrinskaya abandoned hospital is one of the favorite places for drug addicts, suicides, pedophiles and rapists.

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Another Russian legend is associated with a ghost train and, like the first, is urban. According to legend, every month a strange ghost train rushes along the rails at a breakneck speed in the Moscow metro. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes he makes stops and opens the doors of his cars. People who claimed to have seen a sign train in the metro are sure that the silhouette of a machinist dressed in a pre-war construction uniform is clearly visible in its cabin, and all the other carriages of this strange train are filled with the souls of builders.

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To understand the meaning of this legend, it is necessary to remember exactly how the Moscow metro was built. Its construction began in the 40s of the last century. Old-timers say that it was grueling and hard work for all those involved in the construction of the Metro Circle Line. The fact is that most of the builders were real prisoners, convicted of various crimes of a political or criminal nature.

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Moreover, the construction of this metro was marked by bloody events: at this time, many workers allegedly died on the site. The fact is that from time to time unstable structures collapsed on them, and some people were generally driven into ventilation shafts and walled up without investigation or trial. After a while, at the cost of many human sacrifices, the "bloody" subway was nevertheless completed. In this regard, the legend of the Russian ghost train appeared. Until now, people complain that sometimes the phantom of a rusty electric train supposedly scares them. Eyewitnesses say that this train appears always after midnight and only on the Circle Line.