When To Change Your Passport

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When To Change Your Passport
When To Change Your Passport

Video: When To Change Your Passport

Video: When To Change Your Passport

Obtaining a passport is mandatory for any citizen of the Russian Federation. It is he who is the confirmation of your identity and citizenship. This document contains the full name, registration, marriage mark, military status and other information. This ID must be kept with care.

When to change your passport
When to change your passport

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, the first passport in life is issued at the age of 14. It is produced on time, which should not exceed 10 days. In many cases, it is handed out to the national anthem in a festive atmosphere.

At what age do you need to change your passport?

Over time, a person changes. The changes also apply to his appearance. Because of this, there may be a need to replace the old passport with a new one. If you do not change it in time, you will not be able to purchase plane and train tickets. After all, it will be very disappointing if you want to go on vacation, but there is no new identity card.

It follows that this document should be changed in a timely manner and without delay. Citizens of the Russian Federation must necessarily change their passports upon reaching the age of 20, as well as 45 years.

Passport photos must be black and white or color, clear. Also, you cannot be photographed with tinted glasses and a headdress (except when it is done for religious reasons).

In other cases, you cannot just replace the document. This requires certain circumstances:

- change of surname, name or patronymic;

- if you have lost a document or it has been stolen from you;

- sex change;

- if, after receiving this identity card, it contains typos, errors, unreliable facts, inaccuracies;

- change of information about the date or place of birth;

- a radical change in appearance;

- if the passport has become unusable due to wear or damage.

What documents are required to replace a passport?

For the subsequent replacement of your passport, you will need to submit it to the district department of the FMS:

- a statement in the form 1P;

- a receipt for payment of the state duty;

- old passport to be replaced;

- 2 photographs measuring 37x47 mm.

It should be borne in mind that citizens of the Russian Federation who have not submitted their passports for replacement in a timely manner may be held administratively liable.

It is worth remembering that service employees, in addition to basic documents, may require additional ones:

- certificates of birth of children, divorce or registration of marriage;

- military ID.

But it will not be a tragedy if you cannot bring additional documents on the appropriate day. Because the necessary marks can be made after receiving the passport. You also need to be careful about filling out the application. It should be written very legibly and with black or purple paste. In addition, you must not make any mistakes and blots.