How To Return An Item On The Market

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How To Return An Item On The Market
How To Return An Item On The Market

Video: How To Return An Item On The Market

Video: How To Return An Item On The Market
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You can return a defective item to the store and get your money back. But purchases on the market are considered extremely risky transactions, since there is an opinion in the society about the dishonesty of local sellers. However, these outlets are no different from regular stores, and consumer rights must be respected everywhere.

How to return an item on the market
How to return an item on the market


Step 1

Go to the seller and try to hand over the goods to him. If you have a sales receipt or a cash register receipt, returning an item shouldn't be a problem. The absence of this document is not a reason for refusal. A conscientious seller will refund the money if no more than 14 days have passed since the purchase, even if you simply did not like the product, not to mention the cases when the item is defective.

Step 2

Go to the market administration if the seller refuses to return money for the goods. Ask for the complaint book and describe your problem there, indicating the number of the stall and name. the seller. Write your address or telephone number, as the administration must notify you of the measures taken in relation to the seller.

Step 3

Write a claim, where you indicate why you want to return the product, and note that the seller did not go to your meeting in this matter. Be sure to clarify that in case of violation of your rights, you will be forced to go to court and demand not only a refund, but also compensation for moral damage.

Step 4

Make 2 claim options and bring one to the seller. If the employee continues to insist on his own and does not accept the claim, send the document by registered mail to the address of the administration.

Step 5

Find witnesses of your acquisition, relatives or acquaintances. You will need their presence if there is no check. Then in the claim you need to indicate the passport data of the witnesses.

Step 6

Conduct an examination of the product if you doubt its quality. Such expenses should be borne by the seller, and if the marriage is proven, the culprit will have to reimburse your expenses.

Step 7

If the expert's recognition of the marriage did not force the seller to return the money, go to court. Write a statement, attach a signed claim or letter of receipt, a receipt, or witness statements and an examination result.

Step 8

If you do not have a receipt and witnesses of the purchase, take the packaging with you to the market, it may contain the seller's marks or the article number is written on it. Ask for the documents and compare the data.

Step 9

If you are poisoned by products from the market, call a doctor, record the disease and list the products that you consumed. If you have not spent the entire purchase, hand over the goods for examination to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision. The seller will have to return the money even if you used the product.