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How To Mark Cover
How To Mark Cover

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Video: How To Mark Cover
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The Intercession is one of the main Orthodox holidays. It is celebrated on October 14, at the time when autumn meets winter. In Russia, it began to be celebrated under Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, in the XII century. Many beliefs and signs are associated with this amazing day. In rituals, Christian traditions intertwined with more ancient pagan ones.

How to mark cover
How to mark cover

It is necessary

  • - prayer to the Mother of God;
  • - stove or fireplace;
  • - apple branches;
  • - products for pancakes;
  • - meat and fish;
  • - fruits and vegetables of the new harvest.


Step 1

It is necessary to prepare for the Pokrov in advance. See what day of the week is October 14th. The table should be rich and plentiful, because this holiday sums up the past summer and provides a foundation for the future. But it can fall on Wednesday or Friday, and then all dishes should be lean. Salads, various dishes of honey, mushrooms, herbs, cereals are appropriate. Alcoholic drinks are not prohibited.

Step 2

On this day, believers turn to the Mother of God with a prayer for protection, asking her to bestow love and family happiness. It is believed that it does not have to be a prayer composed and memorized by someone, although there are such ones too. First of all, it is necessary that the believer turn to the Blessed Virgin with sincere words and that his heart be pure. Before the holiday, confess and receive absolution.

Step 3

Many Orthodox believers go to church on this day. But not everyone has such an opportunity, since October 14 does not necessarily fall on a day off. Therefore, you can also pray at home. Read a prayer for the health of loved ones, for love, for happiness. The veil is a bright holiday. Your requests will certainly reach the address, as they reached the inhabitants of Constantinople, who asked the Mother of God to protect them with her veil from enemies.

Step 4

It is possible to perform some of the more ancient rituals that the villagers associated with the Veil. Bake small round pancakes. In the old days they were called pancakes. The first pancake must be shared with the keeper of your home. Divide the pancake into 4 equal parts, place them in 4 small saucers. Place treats in the corners. This rite was formerly called baking corners. According to the old belief, he was supposed to appease the brownie and make him more supportive of the inhabitants of the dwelling.

Step 5

There are also several other Pokrovsky rituals rooted in paganism. In a modern apartment they are unlikely to be fulfilled, but in the country they are quite. Old people burned summer shoes that day. It was believed that getting rid of summer bast shoes would give strength to the legs. Marriage girls got rid of old mattresses in the same way. Dry apple branches were also burned so that the house was always warm. But these rituals can be performed if there is a stove in the house.

Step 6

Have a get-together. You can tell fortunes on the Pokrov, but if you are suspicious of such rituals, you can just get together with needlework, tell fairy tales and interesting stories. As a rule, in the old days, the girls gathered first, and the guys came later, and then the real fun began. The general feast began, followed by games and dances.