How To Sell Coffee

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How To Sell Coffee
How To Sell Coffee

Video: How To Sell Coffee

Video: How To Sell Coffee
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Coffee is a high-demand product. Instant coffee drinks are produced in large quantities by a variety of manufacturers, opening up tremendous opportunities for retailers.

How to sell coffee
How to sell coffee


Step 1

If you have decided on the industry of your activity, determine the circle of people who will need your product. Find specific client partners, send a letter with a business proposal to them. If you decide to only sell coffee, open a specialty store. Sell coffee by weight - this sales technology is one of the most ancient.

Step 2

Advertise your new store. Start collaborating with the press, special editions, catalogs that contain information about various retail outlets. Study these directories, make your list, divide it according to the principle of partners / competitors.

Step 3

Call potential partners, offer your services and goods. Adopt the best sales ideas, come up with your own flavor. Offer your customers a product by advertising its positive qualities.

Step 4

Tell your customers interesting facts about coffee. That coffee gives strength and energy, that this drink goes well with almost any product. Interesting information about coffee, correctly served to the buyer, will keep him at the shop window.

Step 5

Learn the basics of commodity science, production technology. Consider the psychological characteristics of buyers, because half of the purchases are made on impulse. The buyer is influenced by the surrounding factors: the appearance of the packaging is assessed, and the behavior of the sales assistant is also taken into account.

Step 6

Consider the role of word of mouth advertising - it has a decisive impact on the buyer. It is good if the sales assistant is able to recognize the character of an unfamiliar person. Influences different people with the right advice without irritating them. The motive for the purchase can be anything and curiosity, and joy, and the expediency / usefulness of the acquisition.

Step 7

Set up the store so that the customer has the opportunity to evaluate the coffee for aroma and taste. Keep in mind that real natural coffee combines different taste sensations - sour, bitter, tart. Maintain the buyer's interest. Consider his arguments, agree with fair comments. Do not display too large a range of products. Limit the choice of goods, taking into account the wishes of the customers.