How To Mail A Book

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How To Mail A Book
How To Mail A Book

Video: How To Mail A Book

Video: How To Mail A Book
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Despite the development of technology, the work of post offices is still relevant. Send money, a parcel, a parcel, make utility bills, all these actions can be done in every post office in Russia.

How to mail a book
How to mail a book


  • - address and personal data of the recipient;
  • - cash;
  • - package.


Step 1

"Russian Post" offers the following types of shipment of items: parcel post, parcel. Each of them has its own parameters. A parcel post means sending items weighing from 100 g to 2 kg and costing up to 10 thousand rubles. With a higher weight, the shipment is called a "parcel". Therefore, books are sent through the "Post of Russia" by parcel post.

Step 2

First, pack the book. If earlier, for packing a parcel, fabric covering, sealing wax, a sling were required, now the postal workers will offer you a convenient cardboard box of the required size.

Step 3

Write on the box the recipient's address and his full details (full name). Give the parcel to the postal officer. He will weigh it and calculate the shipping cost. The cost of the parcel will depend on the weight and method of shipment: simple or registered. When sending a registered parcel, "Russian Post" guarantees that it will reach the addressee, so its price is slightly higher than the simple one. On average, delivery of a regular parcel costs 25.4 rubles. per 100 g, customized - from 33, 15 rubles. For every 20 g, you should pay 1, 25 rubles.

Step 4

If you indicate the value of the book when sending the book, then in case of loss of the cargo, you have the right to demand compensation for damage from the Russian Post. However, when declaring the value of a parcel, a certain fee is also charged.

Step 5

Air delivery is more expensive, but it is possible to send the book by combined delivery, i.e. partly by air, partly by terrestrial. In this case, the cost of the parcel will be calculated in proportion to the distance.

Step 6

After you have chosen the delivery method, filled in the required fields on the parcel, prepare the required amount calculated by the postal employee and pay it to the operator. The cashier will give you a receipt for the shipment of the goods indicating the amount paid. Keep it until the recipient receives the parcel.

Step 7

It will be possible to track the stages of shipping your book using the online service on the Russian Post website.