How To Print On A T-shirt

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How To Print On A T-shirt
How To Print On A T-shirt

Video: How To Print On A T-shirt

Video: How To Print On A T-shirt
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It is not necessary to use any special equipment to put a picture or text on a T-shirt. Of course, this method is not universal, but it will help make your T-shirt or sweatshirt unique. All materials and equipment used are present in almost every home.

How to print on a T-shirt
How to print on a T-shirt


  • - jet printer;
  • - a sheet of paper in A4 format;
  • - file (also A4);
  • - scissors or clerical knife;
  • - spray bottle;
  • - several newspapers;
  • - finished drawing or text in mirror image A4;
  • - a white cotton T-shirt (although you can also use a colored one, it will certainly be light).


Step 1

First, a little about the materials. You can take a T-shirt, not necessarily white, but light. On a dark T-shirt, the pattern will be expressionless. The printer must be exactly inkjet, since the paint is sintered on a laser printer - it will not be possible to translate the drawing.

Step 2

Iron the shirt well with an iron and place it on a large table.

Step 3

Determine a place on the T-shirt for printing and place newspapers under this place, but not under it, but inside, so that the text does not print on the second side of it. Iron the shirt with an iron. Although here you can do without an iron - iron it with your hands. The main thing is that everything should be smooth, without a single fold.

Step 4

Insert a sheet of A4 paper into the file, and then use scissors or a utility knife to cut off any excess until the file takes the shape of an A4 sheet. Next, insert the cut file with a piece of paper into the inkjet printer.

Step 5

Now take a spray bottle filled with water and start spraying onto the surface of the shirt where the text or graphic will be. Just do not wet it too much, otherwise the paint will then spread. Just lightly dampen the shirt so that the paint is absorbed evenly.

Step 6

In some graphics editor (for example, in Photoshop), mirror the image or text of your choice and print to a file.

Step 7

Check the printed image for print defects. Do not touch the paint as it can smudge easily. After all, the file is not paper, so the paint is not absorbed either.

Step 8

Gently take the file and place the printed side on a damp spot on the T-shirt. Here you need to be especially careful, as one wrong move threatens you with blurry text. Press the file for 5-10 seconds and remove it.

Step 9

Now you can leave the shirt to dry. Once the T-shirt is dry, you can put it on and wear it. Or you can apply another drawing.