How To Choose A Terry Towel

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How To Choose A Terry Towel
How To Choose A Terry Towel

Video: How To Choose A Terry Towel

Video: How To Choose A Terry Towel
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A terry towel can not only fulfill its direct duties, but also become a decoration of the bathroom. The main characteristics of this item are size, absorbency, density, bristle length, softness and color. To make the right choice, listen to people's feedback on different products.

How to choose a terry towel
How to choose a terry towel


Step 1

Study the labeling on the towel carefully. The composition must indicate 100% cotton and the country of origin. The highest quality cotton, suitable for terry, comes from Pakistan and Egypt.

Step 2

Pay attention to the type of yarn, it can be single, double, combed and twisted. Use a combed yarn towel, which has the highest moisture absorption.

Step 3

Terry towel shelf life depends on its density. The smaller it is (300 g / m2 and below), the faster the product becomes unusable. The best option is 450-600 g / m2, in this case the towel will remain elastic for a long time and will not lose its shape.

Step 4

Density is not indicated on the label, but can be determined by the weight of the towel. For example, a product measuring 70x140 centimeters with a density of 500 g / m2 will weigh approximately 490 grams.

Step 5

An important factor when choosing a terry product is the height of the pile. The shorter it is (3.5 mm and below), the worse its absorbency. Such a towel quickly becomes rough and wet, and often tears. Too long pile (8 mm and more), deteriorates more after washing, loses its elegant look. Buy a five millimeter nap towel.

Step 6

Pay attention to the composition of the product. The most comfortable terry towel is made of 100% cotton. A product that is too soft may contain artificial fibers, such as viscose.

Step 7

Now choose a towel color that matches your bathroom finish. For a bright room, an aquamarine product with floral ornaments is suitable. For a romantic-style bathroom, use a satin-shine light green towel.

Step 8

Brown and beige shades will suit a room made of marble and stone. Bring a white or black towel if your bathroom is Japanese-style. Pay attention to the processing of the canvas and the border of the product. They should be neat and clear so that the towel does not shrink after washing.