What Circuses Are There In Moscow

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What Circuses Are There In Moscow
What Circuses Are There In Moscow

Video: What Circuses Are There In Moscow

Video: What Circuses Are There In Moscow
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The circus attracts children and adults with its unique performances, joyful atmosphere and a sense of celebration. But in some, even rather large cities, there are no circuses. In this regard, Moscow is lucky: there are several wonderful circus arenas here.

What circuses are there in Moscow
What circuses are there in Moscow


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One of the very first circuses in Russia was the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. It also became the country's first state circus. Its old building was built back in 1880, and in 1989 a new building was erected to replace the outdated one. Now the circus is equipped with everything you need to create modern, spectacular and vibrant performances. They tried to reproduce the auditorium in the same style in which it existed before the reconstruction. Now it is planned to receive more than 2,000 spectators.

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Since 1996, the circus has been named after Yuri Nikulin, who worked here at first as a bright and beloved clown, and later took over the leadership of the circus. On the arena you can see the performances of the most famous clowns, illusionists, gymnasts, trainers of exotic animals, jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists and appreciate the indescribable atmosphere of the Moscow circus of Yu. Nikulin.

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Another state circus in Moscow is the Circus on Vernadsky Avenue. The Big Moscow State Circus is one of the largest stationary establishments of this kind in the world and is designed for 3, 5 thousand spectators. It was opened back in 1971. Now the circus is equipped with the latest technology, which allows you to create truly amazing performances on its stage.

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This circus is unique in that it has several removable arenas: ice, water, equestrian, illusion, light, and you can change them among themselves very quickly thanks to electronic control. Representatives of the most famous circus dynasties, laureates and participants of international competitions, the best representatives of the profession in the world show their numbers here, and the best directors of our time organize shows. Therefore, tickets to the circus on Vernadsky Street should be bought long before the show, in order to just have time to get into the hall.

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Another place in Moscow where you can plunge into childhood is the Aquamarine circus of dancing fountains. It opened only in 2009, but has already managed to acquire a considerable number of fans. Naturally, the main thing that attracts visitors' attention is the dancing fountains. The circus also has an ice arena at its disposal, and therefore the water riot, wonderful music and ice dancing make up a unique ensemble together.

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As in any circus, visitors will not be left without performances of clowns, trained animals, trapeze artists and stuntmen. What else distinguishes the circus of dancing fountains is the celebration even before the show starts. There is a big circus carnival right in the foyer: children ride ponies, take pictures with artists and animals, enjoy the reflection in crooked mirrors, make up and eat delicious ice cream. There is also a clown museum, which has many exhibits, some dating back to the 19th century. To have time to see all this, it is advisable to come to the circus an hour and a half before the performance.