Air Rifle: How To Choose

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Air Rifle: How To Choose
Air Rifle: How To Choose

Video: Air Rifle: How To Choose

Video: Air Rifle: How To Choose
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When choosing an air rifle, one must take into account not only the characteristics of the weapon, but also the task that it will perform. For a beginner, some models are suitable, for a professional - others.

HooliGun Air Rifle
HooliGun Air Rifle


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Any weapon is a complex of characteristics, among which the most important for successful shooting are power, accuracy, range. Build quality is also not the last choice. Therefore, first of all, you need to pay attention to who and where the weapon was produced.

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First of all, it is necessary to determine what tasks the acquired weapon is designed to solve. If you want to learn how to shoot accurately, then you should buy a spring-piston rifle. The best models of this plan are produced by the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. This rifle is the most widespread among other types of weapons produced by this manufacturer. This will be the best choice for a beginner who needs to practice basic pneumatic shooting skills.

Step 3

To use an air rifle, it is enough to perform just a few simple actions: break the barrel, insert a cartridge, close and aim. The most popular model of this class is IZH-38. But it makes sense to be interested in its later modification: MP512. This weapon has a more powerful spring and volumetric compressor. The trigger mechanism in this model is also improved.

Step 4

If the main characteristic of a weapon should be shot accuracy, it is best to buy rifles of the "Magnum" class. They are distinguished by their impeccable accuracy and are renowned for their reliability, but they require lengthy training. One of the best models is the DIANA 350 Magnum. The weight of this rifle is 3720 grams, it is perfectly balanced, equipped with a safety lock, and has a connector with which you can mount an optical sight. You should be aware that almost all rifles of this type have approximately the same characteristics, so the choice can be guided solely by the design of the weapon.

Step 5

If multi-charge is a priority, it is worth buying a multi-compression rifle. Its principle of operation is in many ways similar to that of a bicycle pump. Almost all models of this class provide the ability to customize weapons "for themselves." You can customize the rifle for a certain type of cartridges, increase the release pressure, etc. Among the multi-charge rifles, you should pay attention to the American DAISY 953.

Step 6

Models of gas-cylinder-type rifles are equipped with compressed gas cylinders, which made it possible not only to significantly reduce the weight of the weapon, but also to reduce its size. The advantage of this type of rifle is that they are quick-firing: the second shot can be fired immediately after the first bullet leaves the barrel. Therefore, if this characteristic is important in pneumatic weapons, it makes sense to buy a gas-cylinder type rifle.