What Can You Give A Lover To Go To The Bath

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What Can You Give A Lover To Go To The Bath
What Can You Give A Lover To Go To The Bath

Video: What Can You Give A Lover To Go To The Bath

Video: What Can You Give A Lover To Go To The Bath
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A lover of going to the bathhouse can be presented with several equivalent gifts. But not all bath attendants can please, as for many a visit to the bath is a special ritual with its own subtleties and established traditions.

The steam room is ready
The steam room is ready

Bath is a unique place where everyone is equal

A visit to the bathhouse is a special ritual that allows you not only to improve your health, but also to have a good time, relax the nervous system, and communicate well with friends.

There are no generals and officials in the bathhouse - everyone is equal. Those who like to go to the bathhouse at least once a week prepare for washing scrupulously, acquiring brooms, various oils, and brewing tea.

What can you give to the attendant?

One of the great gifts for those who like to go to the bathhouse is a good broom, and preferably two. After all, usually one partner soars the other in two brooms. One broom builds up the heat, while the other is used to massage parts of the body. The most common brooms are made from oak and birch. There are brooms made of eucalyptus, fir and other tree species. Some types of brooms require special skills when visiting a steam room. Therefore, you should not give exotic brooms.

It is often difficult to steam in a bath without gloves, as the strong steam begins to burn the skin of the hands. Gloves for the attendant are a great gift. It is especially good if they are named.

Some go to the bathhouse wearing hats. Now the stores offer a great variety of bath caps with various inscriptions. But here you should know that some lovers of going to the bathhouse take a steam bath without a hat. They believe that the whole body should be warmed up evenly.

Bath slippers can always come in handy. It is important that they withstand moisture and do not slip when walking. As a rule, the bath floor is always wet, especially in the steam room and dressing room. Ordinary slippers will slide on the surface and a person may slip.

A bath towel presented with a rag for sitting on a shelf can help solve a double problem. The fact is that some bath attendants sit in the steam room right on the towel. A special seating flap eliminates the need to bring a towel with them. The towel will be used as intended.

A gift that any attendant will appreciate - a set of oils. Oils can be sprinkled on stones to add a special scent. This can be a set with the scent of fir, mint, juniper, spruce, and so on.

Any attendant knows perfectly well that after all the procedures it is better to replenish the liquid supply with herbal tea with honey. What could be better than a thermos with which you can brew a wonderful hour?

Of course, you can donate sets for washing your head and body, a washcloth. But it will be a gift suitable not only for those who like to go to the bathhouse. Some people do not bathe in the bath at all, as they believe that the bath is not a place for soap and shampoo. In the bath you need to steam and dive into cold water.