How To Overcome Water Scarcity

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How To Overcome Water Scarcity
How To Overcome Water Scarcity

Video: How To Overcome Water Scarcity

Video: How To Overcome Water Scarcity
Video: Overcoming water scarcity - Learning from Israel's experience 2023, December

Lack of fluid in the body entails many negative consequences, because the human body is 75 percent water. Pain in various parts of the body, nausea, depression - this and much more can serve as a signal of dehydration. If you adhere to certain rules, you can overcome the lack of water.

How to overcome water scarcity
How to overcome water scarcity


Step 1

The most natural way to rehydrate is to drink more water. The daily norm for a healthy person is one and a half to two liters. Drink plain, clear, still water. In hot seasons, give preference to warm water. Unlike cold, it quenches thirst faster, as it is more easily absorbed into the walls of the upper stomach, allowing the body to quickly restore water balance.

Step 2

Do not try to substitute other drinks for water. Coffee, tea, beer or other alcoholic beverages, although they contain water, have the opposite effect on the body, since they also contain dehydrating substances. When they are taken, not only processed fluids are removed from the body, but also part of the body's water reserves.

Step 3

If you find yourself in an emergency when getting water is problematic enough, do not refuse to eat. But at the same time, try not to eat too salty or too spicy food and do not take it in too large quantities. It is better to break up your food intake into several meals in small portions. Give preference to juicy fruits and vegetables. Stop smoking.

Step 4

With dehydration, the blood in the vessels becomes thicker and more viscous, in connection with this, the load on the heart increases, and blood circulation is impaired. If there is a lack of water in the body, try not to overexert yourself or do too hard work, as profuse sweating will only aggravate the existing state of affairs.

Step 5

Stay less in the sun, stay in the shade. Do not remove clothing or hats when in direct sunlight to minimize perspiration. To reduce thirst and a feeling of dry mouth, drink water in small sips, keeping it in the mouth for a longer time. Place a small pebble or button under your tongue to salivate.

Step 6

In order not to push things to the extreme, take water correctly. Namely: drink water immediately upon waking to rehydrate after sleep, drink before exercise to provide water for perspiration. Drink water every time you feel thirsty. Drink 30 minutes before meals and 2, 5 hours after meals.