How To Identify A Pomegranate

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How To Identify A Pomegranate
How To Identify A Pomegranate

Video: How To Identify A Pomegranate

Video: How To Identify A Pomegranate
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The amazing beauty of the pomegranate has attracted people for a long time. Fiery red stones, similar to frozen fire, were mined in the very heart of Europe and therefore enjoyed well-deserved fame. The attractive deep color of the stone mesmerized and lured into the world of fantasies, passions and myths. Pomegranate is popular today, but this popularity has led to a large number of counterfeits.

How to identify a pomegranate
How to identify a pomegranate


  • - magnet;
  • - accurate scales;
  • - glass.


Step 1

The main and most important feature of a real garnet is its ability to magnetize. Place the product with the mineral on the scale and bring the magnet to it. If the stone is real, the balance needle will wobble.

Step 2

Pay attention to the size of the stone. A real pomegranate cannot be larger than the seed of its namesake - the pomegranate tree.

Step 3

Czech grenades are even smaller - no more than three to five millimeters. At the same time, Czech garnets have an even red-crimson color and are never orange in color.

Step 4

Therefore, if you are offered a product on the label of which “Czech garnet” is written, and the stone itself has a distinct reddish tint and exceeds 5 mm in size, you are probably facing a glass fake. It makes no sense for sellers to pass one real grenade after another. Their price is about the same.

Step 5

Genuine garnet has a greater hardness than glass, almost one and a half times. So scratch the glass with your garnet, the genuine natural stone will leave a clear mark.

Step 6

Pomegranate tends to change color slightly under different lighting conditions.

Step 7

Garnets can be any color other than blue. There are even green garnets, and they are faked less often than the usual dark red ones.

Step 8

Please note that garnet is not the most expensive stone. Therefore, it makes no sense to insert glass into a gold frame. In good jewelry, garnets are replaced with cubic zirconias, but the manufacturer honestly writes about this on the label.

Step 9

If you already have a garnet that you are sure of authenticity, compare it to the stones in the purchased item. Cubic zirconias shine much stronger than natural garnet.

Step 10

Natural garnets can also be found in cheap beads. Usually they do not have the most perfect appearance: there are chips, irregularities, uneven coloring on the stones. Cheap, perfectly shaped beads are most likely made of the so-called garnet glass. Reputable manufacturers indicate this by including the word "imitation" in the product description.